Sunday, May 01, 2005

I bought....Stuff!

It's hilarious to me the way I can get so excited over the smallest things. They say it's good to be easily pleased though-it's a recipe for happiness. Of course at times, small things can get me down too. Everything cuts both ways in my opinion.

What I bought, is NEW stuff for my soon to be finished kitchen. Ever since I moved in here 3 years ago, we've been using all this junky stuff that matched our former kitchen perfectly. We never felt motivated to clean it really well or put nice things in it, because it was so temporary and whatever you would do, it still looked awful anyway.

Well now that we are almost fully done, I broke down and bought some nice things from our friend William Sonoma. Well, he's really not our friend, or else he wouldn't charge us so darn much! But they do have quality items and we got a cutting board, direly needed salad spinner and some other acoutrements. I also pulled out the new toaster that Steve's parents gave us for x-mas 2 years ago- woohoo! See what I mean about the little things? Recipe for true happiness let me tell you. :)

Today I am off to the famed Merchandise Mart to attend their Antiques Fair with my Dad. And speaking of expensive, that will probably be the case here. I am hoping maybe I could afford a botantical print or something, but it's fun just to look and get ideas.

I can't mention the Mart without bragging that it is the largest trade center in the world and also a magnificent building- I love going there. It spans 2 entire city blocks and rises 25 stories. The link above takes you to a picture of it if you've never seen it. It's right on the Chicago River.

I have convinced my Dad to bring his digital camera so maybe I'll have some photos this week if I see something really cool.


Greg said...

Wow! What a building. A four million square foot, 1920s bulding. I don't think my entire city had that much interior building space in 1920.

Nick said...

How about some photo's of that new kitchen. I'm so anxious to see it I'm about ready to send you my camera...