Thursday, May 05, 2005

a Happy Ending for Tucker

I have a nice little story to tell today. As some of you are aware, we have a construction site next door to us. Steve works at home and today, one of the workers came by and rang the bell. He had a corgi with him and thought it was one of our dogs. He had found the dog inside the new unfinished condo building wandering around. Being a dog lover, Steve had him leave the little guy with him.

This story is a great example of why it's a good idea to get your dog a dog license-make 'em legal folks! I need to take this advice myself. My dogs have ID tags and all their shots, but I have neglected to register them with the City of Chicago and give the city their annual $15.00 or so per dog. Steve called the number on the dog license and they were able to track the owner down.

About 4:30 Tucker's owners came by and picked him up. They had been looking for him all day. Turns out he lives about 2 blocks away from us. I just can't imagine how this little guy crossed Morse Avenue to get to us.

Anyway, in honor of this happy ending with beloved pet and owner reunited, I am posting my first digital photo on the site. Here's to Tucker and happy endings!

Tucker (notice never ending construction debris in the background such as coffee cups and fast food wrappers!)


Greg said...

Good story. The dog is fine and good and everyone's happy. Now let's see the kitchen!!!

Jocelyn said...

Okay, this weekend I will post on the kitchen. :) I've been holding out till it's really done done- but that will be a few weeks while Steve makes custom shelves and then I am able to finish tiling.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tucker! Hi Tucker! Coco says "Hi Tucker!"

Dave the Cat says, "Feh." Just ignore him Tucker.

Anonymous said...

Hey wait, this blog doesn't ever have photos :)

...I'm gonna stand over here with grex and wait for the kitchen photos...

K said...

What a nice story. We had a pair of dogs disappear when I was in high school, and we never found them. Definitely dogs need tags! (though we believe ours were stolen anyway)