Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It isn't always pretty

There are times when I lose patience...this is one of those times. Yes we have running water and a working dishwasher and things are cleaned way up, but the tile isn't done, the toe kicks aren't on, those damn doors aren't on because we lost the screws, and many more other "little" things.

Somehow it was easier for me to be patient when we had no walls and I was working my butt off every weekend to get to that point. I am really at my worst when there is nothing I can do and Steve is doing the bulk of the work. I become (to use the hated word)...a bit of a nag.

I just can't seem to help myself. I'll ask him the fated question, "What are we doing this weekend?" (Because, like I said finish carpentry work is Steve's expertise not mine and I therefore revert to "helper")

Steve rationally and coolly says, "Finish that small countertop area, sand the brackets, and raise the dishwasher. That's probably about it."

I think to myself with eyes bulging, "Oh-my-God-I-can't-take-much-more-of-this-waiting-on-minutae!!! Can't you work faster? Can't you do more? and faster please much faster!! We're never going to finish!"

I say to him knowing full well I am contributing to my own folly, "But what about the missing plynth blocks?"

"...and the missing toe kicks?"

"...and the missing tile...?"

It's at this point that Steve gets annoyed at me and I won't bore everyone with all the details, but it's no fun for him or me. You see, there's a reason why they say remodeling breaks up marriages. It gives you a chance to see your sig other at their worst and best.

Maybe I can sand the back door this weekend and feel like I am making some progress. That might help. I feel a little better after writing this post too.


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Anonymous said...

Hey- that looks like my kitchen- Are those Kraftmaid birch cabinets? What is the countertop material? I inherited my ugly brown tile backsplash and was going to put in subways like yours-glad to see the cabinets look good with all the white. What do you have on the floors?

Jocelyn said...

They are in fact Kraftmaid Birch in amber glaze. The countertop is lamimate in a green/blue color. The floors are the original maple. We are putting in a few green accent tiles with the white subway. Should be done by the end of the month.

Becky said...

Hey, maybe we could get a two-for-the-price-of-one deal at the marriage counselor!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I loved this post! I could have written it myself!! I find that when things come to a stand-still in our kitchen, I reach out to another part of the house :) I start ripping wallpaper out in other rooms, rearranging furniture, etc. I try not to get on my husband's case too much...he puts in a full day at work and I know the last thing he wants to think about is yet another project. Press on, my friend! Those things will get done! When was the last time you two went out on a date?? :D

Joy to you!!

Emerld said...

HI! HUGS and HUGS. I have to talk to you. The posts and pictures are awesome. Specially that first one of the wall and stuff. I can only wish my place looked as nice. We are going to put a wood floor in the dining room instead of carpet. Call me this weekend.

Scott in Washington said...

We've been there too! Even left to my own devices, its easy to get irritated and discouraged when you finished a room a year or more ago... except for this little bit of trim, or that little detail.... When does it end!?! Well, probably never, we're home renno people. We'll probably keep at it until the very end.

AMSartor said...

Hey, I lost the top molding for the bathroom window when we were working on it. Luckily it isn't the nice stuff, the bathroom was redone sometime in the last 20 years, but the molding is still gone from the top of the window. I kick myself everytime I go in there. I keep hopeing it will turn up. But your kitchen looks amazing, it will be fantastic!

Todd said...

Great blog! I want to steal your white wall tile in the kitchen and your (new?) beadboard panelled cabinets. I agree about the frustration when you're at 80% on a project. Maddening.

Check out my house rehab blog. Read about our 3-month project rescuing a 1904 house. Talk about fast forward! We worked like gerbils on speed.

Oh, I need to know how to create your own links in the outer column. My template doesn't seem to allow it. Hack it?