Saturday, May 14, 2005

Even our dogs are obessed

Everyone in this house loves "Houseblogs"

Mojo pondering the myriad of topics on the home page...

Billie checks whats new on Houseblogs with her morning cup of coffee.

I couldn't resist this one. Billie often sits behind me in our desk chair. I tend to sit on the edge of my seat and Billie likes to be near while I blog. I know there are alot of dog lovers (and cat lovers) out there, so hopefully this makes you smile on "work day."

Now on to sanding those brackets!


Serendipity House said...

Hi Jocelyn! Thanks for stopping by my "other" site and leaving a comment! Our plans got messed up today, as one of the families we serve (my husband is a deacon) is in a bit of a quandry today. So, there goes another weekend planned for the kitchen. sigh....

Anyway, love the pics! Too funny! Wish I could bring myself to get a dog; my kids would love that. When I think about all that maintenance...I've got enough to maintain! Three homeschooled kids, a deacon for a husband, the monumental task of this 105-year-old house....No Dogs Allowed! :)

Have a great weekend!

Darlene said...

Greetings, Jocelyn. Yes, I'm a cat lover. Love dogs, too, but there's too much maintenance involved. But I'll bet Mojo and Billie have great personalities. Emerld suggested I visit your site, and I'm glad she did. Talk about painstaking work, but you've got what it takes to achieve your dream. So fascinating seeing what you've accomplished, with the before and after pix.

Whenever I'm on the computer, my cat Baby (because he was the baby at the time we got him, with our two adult cats, and we couldn't think of an appropriate name) has to sit on the desk (sometimes on my lap), and I have to keep nudging his butt off the keyboard. But I love having him around. Good luck with the renovation! Keep up the great work. I'll keep checking to see how you're doing.

Jane said...

Hahahaha, very funny. Yes that is a long haired dachshund there. Not so long haired today though as they got shaved. It's just to dang messy on the building site for long hair. Pics will be on website tonight. Love the computer dogs, very cute.