Sunday, August 12, 2007

Some more progress...

We are slowly hacking away at our "to do" list for this summer. We hung the refinished oak door in the den on Saturday. It looks nice, but after we hung it I really had that "I want more!" feeling.

I wanted to rent that jackhammer and tear up decrepit patio or obsolete sidewalk in the front yard that will expand my garden. Or start stripping the basement stairs or something. But unfortunately, I am sick with a miserable summer cold.

I managed to prime the trim around the back porch door and then I called it a day.

Steve wired the additional outlet we are adding in the pantry and put in the blocking for the shelves.
Anyway, this is about all sniffly me can manage in the way of a post today. Pantry post coming soon.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Awning Photos

I know I've been a bad houseblogger this summer. I have to admit that I've been distracted by my other fixer-upper projects, which have to do with the neighborhood at large and not just what is inside our home.

I am finally getting around to posting photos of the new awnings from Chesterfield Awning. We are very happy with them. Not only do they add curb appeal, but with our rough winters they will give a much longer life to our front door, as well as keep the building cooler with shade.

Here you see the finished front door with brass kickplate. It is amazing how fast it is tarnishing.

This will end our curb appeal work for the summer. In the fall, I may be jackhammering a small sidewalk if I have time to expand my garden, but we'll see.
Progress is slow, but we are working on things. We finally got the shoe moulding done in the front entry as you see here.

This weekend I sanded and stained the den door. Steve cut out a wall in the pantry in preparation for blocking. Posts on that soon.

Projects that MUST be done this season:
Garage Entry Door
Trimming out & painting back porch door
Scraping & painting trim around garage

So we're here working just at a slower pace.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The stuff dreams are made of

I realize this post title is quite lofty, but this post is an ode to someone I've never met but whom I admire greatly.

The model planes you see here were made by my Dad's partner Dave's Dad. When Dave was a little boy, his Dad spent hours and hours making these model planes and boats. Not only did he pay attention to every detail, but these creations also actually worked. The airplanes really flew. The boats sailed on water.

Dave told us about how some airplanes his Dad built would crash and then he'd just make another one. He told us how his Dad would take him out to put the boats into a lagoon. I've always loved the image of this. And even though I never got to meet Dave's Dad, I can see just a bit how this kind, patient and very intelligent man came to be with a Dad like his.

Here is the boat. I was just in awe of these when I saw them. These were not kits. These were made from scratch!

But one thing was missing. The boat needed a stand. And that was a job for ...Steve the woodworker...

A small job, but that boat deserved to be on a stand not a pillow.
The stand is almost done. It's made of oak and coated in 4 cans of black spray paint to have a smooth finish. Steve didn't fill the grain, so it took alot of paint to get that perfect surface.

I will post photos when we bring the stand over this Sunday.

Some more photos for the heck of it...

Steve and Dad measuring the template.

The boat with template. Template made out of fome core board and glued together with hot glue gun.