Thursday, May 12, 2005

All in the details

Take this carved deer for example. This was Steve's nod to my more decorative nature.

Steve is planning to make all the furniture in our house , one piece at a time. He likes arts and crafts style furniture and initially I felt it would be just too much to have
entirely arts and crafts style furniture.

I have since changed my tune a bit- I have been "assimilated" since those early days.

He got the design from one of our picture books, In The Arts & Crafts Style.

One of the things I really love about the arts and crafts style and movement is the emphasis on simplicity and the quality. I like the whole idea of things being made to last and not to toss in the trash every few years- less landfills for one thing! And to top it off, it fits perfectly with our Chicago-style 2-flat!


Greg said...

Steve is quite the craftsman. I love the Arts & Crafts style. I love the style of Victorian Architecture but the furniture leaves a lot to be desired from a comfort stand point. I guess Victorian furniture is fine if you are in a suit or corset but for every day living it leaves a bit to be desired. I have some old parlor furniture that belonged to my G. G. Grandmother which I love, and I will use, but I plan to have a more eclectic interior and not but pigeon holed to one style.

derek said...

I like the mixing of different genres of furniture, as long as it's done tastefully. It's not like people bought arts and crafts houses, and only had arts and crafts furniture. I'm sure most people had older furniture as well. In terms of making furniture, Arts and Crafts is a lot more practical, Queen Anne legs and that kind of thing, are very difficult to achieve.

jm@houseinprogress said...

Oh my gosh. I officially feel like a total slacker now next to Steve.

Jocelyn said...

He's a madman that Steve- I can't keep up with him either!

That's a good point about mixing genres- I am more eclectic in that way myself too.

misschrisc said...
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misschrisc said...

Wow hats off to your Steve, he does amazing work. Simply georgous!

lynette said...

Wow, I'm really impressed. Making furniture requires such precision and commitment. We resorted to making some bedside tables a few years ago, since we couldn't find any we liked in the shops that would fit the miniscule space in our London flat bedroom. It was worth it in the end but such a pain to do, it took us two attempts! And they were just simple, not carved...I think it's wonderful to make your own furniture, whatever the style.