Friday, April 29, 2005

Little bags of screws

Does anyone else have this problem? We have all these small brown bags from the hardware store from small screw purchases. What is so funny is with the myriad of screws we have on hand, whenever we need a miscellaneous screw for something we are doing, we never have the right type or size! It must be a Murphy's Law of home repair or something.

This falls into the same category as the missing much needed tool. And the ensuing argument over who moved it and put it somewhere where the other cannot find it. Saturday mornings at our house...

Steve: "Where's that file?"
Jocelyn: "Isn't it in the tool bucket?"
Steve: "No, where did you put it?" with aggravation.
Jocelyn: "I didn't touch it! You can never find anything, I bet I'll find it in 5 minutes."(eyes roll)
(Really, we do like each other I swear)
Jocelyn hunts around and usually finds the item in the alotted time or else they both give up and go to the hardware store...again.

I don't want to offend anyone, but I really feel like women find missing items better than men.
I don't know why, but it just seems so. But not to slight men, they are good at an awful lot of other things. Why Steve is absolutely brilliant when it comes to woodworking in my estimation. He teaches himself everything from books and talking to people.

Speaking of missing items, tonight we put the missing bin pull on the last remaining kitchen drawer. Why was it missing? Because despite double-checking our order for Rejuvenation for polished nickel bin pulls, we were one short and had to place another order for the missing one!

We were about to put the doors back on the sink cabinet, when we realized the screws were missing. Why, why didn't we tape those screws with masking tape to the doors? They were in a little baggie, now where did it go? I think I sense a pattern here...

And thanks to Jeannie at HIP and Nick over at Pigeon Point for correcting my booboos on the last post: Sarah Susanka and Pattern Language!


Greg said...

There are times when I swear I spend more time looking for tools than I do working on the project. It is very frustrating. The nail-set is the worst. It looks kind of like a nail so it is easy to set it down and it just disappears in to the background like a chameleon. I finally put a piece of red electrical tape on it and that helps. I have a tool belt but feel odd wearing it so I never do. I also got one of those bucket organizer things. You tie it on to a 5 gallon bucket and use it as a tool caddy. It worked well until I took it off because I needed the bucket. I put it down some place and have not seen it since. Collectively I have lost weeks of my life looking for pliers, hammers, and screw drivers.

Trissa said...

I agree that women have an instinct for finding things...
Congrats on putting the last drawer pull on. As you're putting the last one on, we're taking ours off.
Have a great weekend!

Nick said...

I don't even look for stuff anymore. I just call Trissa.

Emerld said...

Grex is funny. Try adding 2 kids to the mix. I cannot be organized around here to save my life. Everything's a mess. Everything has to be up HIGH out of REACH of hellboy or locked away. Maddening.

Brit said...

Scott is the same way, can teach himself to do anything by reading about it or observing....can't ever find his keys!