Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Money Shots

Well, they aren't the real money shots yet, because we still aren't done, but since the natives have been getting restless :) - here they are. And now I can show my beloved sister in Connecticut our progress too! I am happy with the way things have gone so far. Take a look here at the before pictures if you haven't seen them before. I put them all into one post now for easier viewing.

West-facing window- end of "L"

Tiling won't be done until the brackets are in- we have to tile around them. Steve is at the woodshop working on them as I type. Also, the doors on the base cabinet are missing because we misplaced the screws for them. Still need to put in toe kicks.

We are getting a wrought iron grill for our exhaust fan.

Back door still to be sanded more and stained.

Beadboard wall and future home of plate rack
Eventually Steve will be making us a work table with a butcher block or marble top for this area. It will also serve as a little table for two. Notice our authentic restored bakelite phone from The Craftsman Connection. It has the rotary dial and the old style riiiiinnnnggg! I love it because I can hear it even when I am in the yard working.

Close Up of our own design stain glass window made by
Harmony Art Glass right here in Rogers Park.

Caulking the edges around the countertop and Farm Sink
Steve used a syringe he got from Woodworkers Supply. We usually use it for getting wood glue into nooks and cracks. Getting caulk thru it was tiresome but it will be pretty much invisibly waterprotected. This was done this morning.

I have been really sick since Thursday night and am just getting better now. I probably should be laying on the couch right now, but instead I am watering the trees and posting!


Greg said...

Great pictures and well worth the wait. The kitchen really looks good. Love the phone. I dream of actual countertops and a sink. (I really have dreamt of a completed kitchen). I just got back from the store where I bought this weeks worth of frozen dinners. Ugh! I could tell the cashier thought I was some pathetic bachelor that can’t cook for himself. I wanted to look at her and say, “I can cook something’s, you know. It’s just that I have no kitchen right now”. Instead I just smiled and walked out.

Nick said...

Very cool. It must be nice to be in the home stretch… I probably shouldn’t even be looking at your pictures, given where we are.

Hope you’re feeling better…

misschrisc said...

So pretty! I truly am jealous of your clean and nearly complete kitchen. I love your floors too. They're simply georgous. I haven't done the full tour of your 'place' yet but I will when things settle down here.