Monday, May 23, 2005

Car trouble

We were planning a trip to Ludington, MI this weekend to visit Steve's parents. My Mom is in England for a few weeks and was kind enough to lend us her car for the trip, which would save us the expense of renting a car. Over the weekend we used the car to run errands, take the dogs to the vet, etc...

Yesterday we parked it down the street and forgot we had moved a metal construction sawhorse to get into the spot. We didn't see any signs posted either. Well, this evening as Steve was watering the grass, he noticed the car was (sigh) ....gone.

I feel like we are cursed. Whenever we try to take a little vacation, something goes wrong. Two years ago we attempted going to Ludington for hiking and we found this "cute place" on the internet that turned out to be "a dump" and it poured rain the entire time. The only channel the TV got was the Lifetime channel. And last Spring we went to Miami and I got very upset because Steve started smoking on the trip- it kind of ruined the trip for me somewhat. I used to smoke- but I hate smoking and it really upset me that after a year of not smoking he did something stupid like that (He still hasn't quit).

To make matters worse with the current car situation, all the paperwork we have on the car is guess where? The glove compartment-quite a handy place if you should be stopped by the police, but not so handy when your car goes missing.

We just came back from the police station where Officer Steele (what a name!) was kind enough to provide us with the VIN and license plate number. But he also checked the computer and it didn't show up in the city's "system." So, we filed a stolen auto report.

I am:
1. Horrified my Mom lent us her car and it's gone.
2. Really saddened that we may not be able to take our trip.
3. Defeated (after a few bad vacation experiences).
4. Trying to figure out how to make lemonade if this trip falls through.

Anyway, this isn't really house-related but I felt like sharing my total bummed-outness


Lilly and Willow said...

Hello there!
Car theft is the worst, I too have had my share. Lucky for me they didn't break anything and all they took were my cd's. Cd's can be replaced people can't so I felt lucky.
Although I felt violated for a week and was on thief watch constantly.
I hope you get your car back, I was thinking however that maybe it got towed? Or maybe not, I'm not sure how that works.
Anyways the best of luck to you, and if the car was stolen the thief(s) will get whats comming to them. *High believer in karma*
Have a good day! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the car. I hope that it turns up soon. I had a car stolen several years ago & it did turn up about 4 days later & the damage wasn't too bad. I hope that you are still able to figure out a way to take your trip! It will get better!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks guys. I feel a bit better this morning- I was at a low point last nite. We are salvaging the trip staying true to our renovating spirit and renting a car. :)

Greg said...

Boy, what a drag. I think the Universe is trying to tell you that being a car-less couple is what is meant for you. It sounds like it was towed but not "in the system" when you checked. If it was, they will send a notice to your Mom. How long will she be gone?

Jocelyn said...

My Mom is gone till Monday, but now we have the car back and we don't need worry her with our little "problem" now that it's over. What a relief!