Friday, May 13, 2005

The call of the woodshop

I seeded the lawn tonight and last night I planted some Oriental Lilies from Dutch Gardens- my favorite bulb source thus far. They have the largest and most beautiful tulips I have seen.

Steve on the other hand just can't stop thinking about wood. He's at the woodshop right now as a matter of fact.

Photo was taken last weekend in Lake Geneva. Quite a big burl there. Also some very big homes, including the Wrigley Mansion.

That's me and my Mom in front of the Wrigley mansion.

And if you're ever up that way in Lake Geneva, WI and you want a nice higher priced dinner, Gilbert's is highly recommended. They use all organic and locally grown food. And on top of that the restaurant is in a HUGE old Victorian house looking out on Lake Geneva. It is really lovely.


christine said...

Okay was thinking it was Lake Geneva, Switzerland, and was thinking like a big geek "stop on by and see our place guys!" It seems very pretty though this other 'imposter' Lake Geneva...tee hee.

Emerld said...

WOW! That's huge house. Great pic of Steve! It's cute that he's next to a huge tree. Probably thinking of all the fun stuff to make ;)