Friday, June 09, 2006

The week in review

It's amazing how much can be done when you hire a group of professionals to come in and do this kind of work. The 2nd floor is almost entirely demoed. The bathroom still remains, but I think usually they leave that for last for obvious reasons.

To sum it up here is a short summary of what was accomplished this week:
*2nd floor demoed
*95% of debris removed to dumpsters
*Replacement posts put in place
*Light fixtures ordered
*Comparing quotes for roof replacement (I could devote and entire post to this one)

Here's a photo of all the scary black insulation that came down from the ceiling. The previous photo shows it coming down.

Here is a shot of the posts in place.

Here's a shot of some frightening electrical wiring. The entire 2nd floor was running on about 60 amps (4 circuits). It could not run a large a/c to give you an idea.

Next up this weekend: Solving efflorescence and removing nails from trimwork. And that coffered ceiling needs to be very carefully removed.


K said...

Wow! So much progress in so little time. Maybe I should ask for a demo crew for my birthday.

Aunt Jo said...

Wow! When you guys get busy stuff happens. I'm impressed.

Kim @ Twice Remembered said...

Looking good! I always get excited when we do demo work and start with a clean slate:)

Ugh, and I know all about scary electrical work...

Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Anonymous said...

man, that's huge!

seems like there's great potential for some snarky mail to your former tenants: "dear friends, the apartment still reminded us of you, so here's what we did."

Jocelyn said...

Alicia- that's funny- don't think it has not crossed my mind. I have hoped they drive by and see the dumpster and just wonder... or theyd rive by in 3 months and see all the beautiful work we have had done since they left- Good riddance!