Thursday, June 29, 2006

Please! Just don't hurt my hostas!

Here you see my yard yesterday. Peaceful and somewhat pleasing- a nice place to be-maybe even eat dinner.

Today the roofers came...and things have changed... They hurt my hostas. They thwarted some lilies and my lawn is in tears.

As it turns out the original roof was still on the building. This is to say that there has never ever been a tear off done. There were 5 or 6 layers of roofing on our roof. I know we did the right thing because this is way too much weight for our building, but it is not a pleasant for my garden --at all.

Here you see one of the cads that ruined one of my garden beds. Oh he seemed nice enough, but my hostas know different.

Here you see the state of the yard this afternoon- our construction fencing didn't do much good you see.

And here's me after work giving my Dad the low down on the damages. "Yeah, Dad, it's pretty bad..." Don't I look like someone who just got in a car accident or something?

Some good news though: we've got our power back. I think I neglected to mention that during some electrical work here we lost power in half our floor. Hardly a dull moment here this summer.

We're doing okay, but please...say a prayer for my hostas and lawn.


Karen said...

Holy crap! Our roofers are coming next week. Of course, the sales guy said they would take every precaution to avoid damaging the gardens. No, I didn't believe him. But...Holy crap!

Lighting a candle for your lawn & garden.

Anonymous said...

This is scary!!!
We are getting a new roof put on
the house and garage this summer. I am dreading

StuccoHouse said...

If it makes you feel a little more hopeful....the guys that worked on my sidewalk totally tore out my ferns & hostas. That was three weeks ago, and today three little ferns and two hostas are poking up again. Hostas are like the energizer bunnies of the plant world.

kingstreetfarm said...

WTF are contractors thinking, that they can just tear up people's stuff and not have any consequences?? >:-(

I'd make the roofers pay to replace any plants that were damaged. Don't laugh. I've made contractors eat costs on all sorts of things they broke/destroyed including a fully hand-restored 1700s architectural detail that was primed over (that got us a huge kitchen job for free), bluestone pavers shattered by a truck I told them not to put on that side, our ceiling (don't ask), and yes: plants.
Don't be shy. Call the owner of the company and demand to be compensated.

Karen said...

I know as part of our contract, we waive any right to throw a (legal) fit over landscape damage. Puts a knot in your gut.

We'll keep our fingers crossed, although I am contemplating standing outside with a big, freaking hose and the water on full.

Shannanigan said...

I think I would have killed them... and just because you signed that contract doesn't give them free rein to cause massive destruction like that. I'll keep this in mind if I ever have my roof redone. I'll be hand writing in a "within reason" clause. Thats nuts.

Emerld said...

Poor Baby! I'd freak!

Anonymous said...

WOW! My heart goes out to you. I'd be on fire! I think I have as much invested in my hostas as a roof costs anyway. lol Think I'll start moving some of mine to gardens away from the house now. Good luck.