Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Before photos: Part II

Here is the dining room. It looks nicer with the blinds open of course. In here, we are not changing much structurally. The coffered ceiling will be stripped and put back and we are having chair rail not the panelled moulding you see here.

Here you see the living room. To the left of this room is a wall that was added to make a third bedroom. This wall is coming down and this room will be out back to the way it originally was! To me, this is one of the most exciting things about the project- improving the floorplan.

And here is the "den" or third bedroom. Where you see the windows, there will be French doors.

The bedrooms don't show very well. They are small and the only details have been painted over. There is original picture moulding in them, which we removed to strip.
In the middle bedroom, we are moving the south wall out a bit into the dining room to make a larger bedroom. The dining room is the biggest room in the house and our little bedrooms barely hold a queen size bed!

I am sure the apartment looks pretty tidy and you might be thinking, "Oh those tenants of theirs were not so bad." Well, maybe you aren't thinking that, but just in case you are, here is some proof of their misdeeds.

First off, imagine this, you're tearing out moulding and you keep smelling fish oil! Everything they cooked, they used this disgusting (sorry) sauce- the smell is literally in the walls.

And there was cable and phone wire EVERYWHERE- I have never seen so much wiring tacked on in one smallish apartment. It was truly vexing yanking this stuff off the wood trim.

Okay, I was just about to post the evidence of the tenants "mis-deeds" and mistreatment of the apartment and blogger won't let me post any more photos- not fair! Guess you'll have to stay tuned.


Greg said...

I'm sure I'm not seeing the worst of it, but you're right, it does look like a very nice place from the pictures. I'm sure you'll get top-dollar for it when you're finished. Who knows, maybe you'll want to live up there.

I am curious about the coffered ceiling, though. It looks fine in the pictures. Why are you stripping it? Does it need to be stripped? And most importantly, and you confident you can remove it without out destroying it?

Jocelyn said...

Hey Greg- your comment alarmed me because I know you know old wood. I called up Steve at work about it.

The coffered ceiling has tons of paint on it- it will look alot better with the wood exposed we think.

Steve says that since we have removed the ceiling, he can get up above it and take it apart from inside.

I suppose we could just sand it, but Steve says we have to remove it to put in the ceiling first. I am praying all goes well. So far he broke 2 boards but they can be repaired- he stopped then to wait until they removed the ceiling. Saturday is the big day to try this again.