Monday, June 26, 2006

Trim complete

A man, a woman, two little dogs and a mission: To prepare 9 doors, 2 windows and 1900 feet of trim for stripping. I am happy to report that mission is accomplished.

Now all we have to do is sand it all when it comes back sans paint and stain it. No big deal right?

All I can say is nothing could be as bad as the removal of the nails. That is up there on my top ten worst renovation tasks.

Here's a shot of the etching with the Dremel with our marking system. This is so we know where each pieces belongs when we get it back from the stripper.

and here's a current shot of the state of the den. Framing is almost done as is the running of the conduit.

We aren't so sure our roofing company will show this week. This is the busy time of year for them. Frankly, I wouldn't mind if they waited a week.

Steve and I did visit Community Home Supply tonight. It took 2 hours for us to select our bathroom & kitchen sinks, faucets and fixtures. Later on, I will post more details.

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Allison said...

Two dogs, eh? Did they actually help? Mine are useless when it comes to home improvement.

I can't believe how organized you guys are...