Friday, June 02, 2006

Has anyone seen this?

Old House Restoration Stories

I didn't know Houseblogs was on here!

Submit Your Resource to
Please tell us about your:
your own old house (join our archives)

I see quite a few housebloggers are on there already!


Anonymous said...

Interesting! Looks like they're repurposing the 'recent entries' RSS feed. Their statement 'compliments of' is a bit of a stretch though--we've never talked to them before.

Well, if it's getting housebloggers more traffice... ;-)

Jocelyn said...

I thought for sure you guys knew about it! I happened upon it when looking at my "came from" stats on my statcounter.

Greg said...

I stumbled on that some how a month or so ago. I don’t really remember where I first saw it….click, click, click….hey, what’s this.

Anonymous said...

From first glance, I'd say they're just profiteers using Aaron and Jeannie's hard work to give them (non-participants in houseblogs from what I can tell).

Boo. I say don't give them your links.

Anonymous said...

I gave them my link a couple months ago, I get about 1 hit a week from them, while I get about 70 a day from houseblogs.