Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bonus Demolition

The den is the final frontier in the first floor pretty much. The ceiling is a sagging popcorn and the plaster walls are cracking all over. It's where I do my posting so I'll be offline until we set things up in the dining room later this week.

The surprise is that we are having the room demoed while the dumpster is still here. So we are clearing it out right now.

Say good bye to the den for now. Bye-bye den!
It's been fun.

We'll see you soon with new walls and electrical....


Greg said...

Man, you guys are going for it this summer. I guess maybe it's no different than other summers. Do the stairs lead down to the basement?

Jocelyn said...

Hey Greg- I know it's pretty crazy- we are powering through though. It's like a slumber party at our house with all the stuff displaced.
Yes, the stairs lead to the basement.