Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Keeping the crew happy

A little bit of thoughtfulness goes a long way towards building good will. We have a fridge plugged in upstairs stocked with water and Gatorade weekly for our guys.

We want them as happy and comfortable as can be because people do better work under those conditions.

I've read the top complaints from contractors about homeowners are the following:
-Not being paid on time.
-Being asked to do extra work without compensation.

I have to say that thus far we are having a very good experience with our main contractor.
We had some issues with our masonry work and I'll do a post on that soon.


ben said...

I'd say the same applies to the DIYer. If spouses would only give each other the "little extras" it would probably save many a marriage from a home renovation.

Christiane said...

Ben, depends on what you mean by a "little extra" LOL!

Jocelyn said...

very funny guys. It is true though that being nice to each other during a remodel is quite important and not always easy when you are tired. Best not to take things out on each other.