Wednesday, June 07, 2006

new view

This is the new opening between the living room and former 3rd bedroom/den. I don't think a photo can really give the feeling of the space as it was before and now.

All I can say, is that when I went up on Monday and saw this, I said to Steve, "We have to move up here." We're going to see if we can make that work.

At left those windows will be replaced by French doors, which would give our dogs a street view.

We have to move up there for Billie and Mojo don't you think?

Demolition is pretty much finished except for the bathroom. We are having some dumpster issues. First off the dumpster was late and now we have realized that we will be going through at least 3 dumpsters because they assigned us these smaller ones rather than the really big ones.

Steve argued with them on the phone yesterday that we don't care about a weight limit etc...and finally they conceded they would let us have a larger dumpster- but we couldn't get it until Saturday-too late. Basically, this means we will probably spend an additonal $400 on dumpster fees- what a scam. Live and learn, but if you ever rent a dumpster for a big project like ours, don't let them talk you into some dinky dumpster.

We are really vigilant about the budget of this project. We have a spreadsheet and we maintain it. The more we can stay on or under budget, the more money we will have to finish the reapirs in the 1st floor.


Annie said...

Hi Jocelyn,
I was originally surprised you didn't want to move upstairs - especially if noise has been an issue, but wasn't going to weigh in . . . but since you mentioned it up, i'd highly recommend it! I have a "2-flat" of sorts (if they even call it that in the backwoods of VT) and LOVE upstairs living. I'd much rather be the walking on than the walked on, the views are better, the street noise (and dirt) less and the privacy is so much nicer - being able to keep the drapes open most of the time is wonderful. The only thing that's inconvenient is access to basement laundry and tools, and access to the backyard. 2- story spiral staircase, here i come. Besides, moving upstairs will give you more flexibility to 1) choose nicer fixtures and 2) move in before it's done and rent out the downstairs to pay for 1) those nicer fixtures :) Good luck, and thanks for your blog!

John said...

We had a horrible time with our dumpster people too. We didn't have any problem with them delivering it, but, on two occasions, we couldn't get them to pick it up.

The first time our contractor called the company and chewed their ass up one side and down the other. The second time it was me. Not only did we need it emptied so we could refill it, they were also charging us a few dollars every day we had it. A few $ her and a few $ there can really add up.

Needless to say, when we clean up the Queen later this year, we won't be using them!

Kristin said...

What adorable poochies! I've always had a fondness for Westies. We had a Scottie for years, my little Gwennie. She was a good girl and an excellent snake dog ... guess you don't get much call for that in Chicago, though!

Kristin said...

Wait, is that a Westie? From the other pics, it looks like a Cairn and then I will feel like an idiot.