Saturday, June 24, 2006

In the weeds (and then some)

Otherwise known as overwhelmed or up to our eyeballs in projects right now.

The den has been completely gutted and there is now plywood over that doorway to keep the dust out. Everything that was in that room has now been relocated to somewhere else in our home, so it’s gotten pretty "cozy" around here. The dining room now houses Steve’s office (formerly in the basement), the den furniture, and of course, our dining table and chairs. Talk about multi-purpose. Thank goodness they made dining rooms large in 1910 so we have room for all of it in this one room.

The living room, bedroom and bathroom are completely “normal” but I had to put all my clothing in an assembled wardrobe in our kitchen. It’s good that my clothes are near the coffee maker – it makes things simple for me. I need things simple right now.

Thursday our Kraftmaid cabinets were delivered as well as our 3 lights from Schoolhouse Electric. Friday, the rest came from Rejuvenation. Ceiling fans came Friday too.

Steve also ordered the patio door Friday at Lee Lumber. We were planning to use Anderson, but we found out that our door opening is not standard and we have to go with a custom door. Our choice was between Lincoln and Marvin. The Marvin window was $1000 more and the main visible difference was that the muttons are on the outside rather than in bewteen the glass. Since money is an object in our life, we had to choose Lincoln. It is by no means a cheap patio door-just not "the best", which is what Marvin claims to be.

Our contractor, Miro Home Improvement, is officially our hero now because he has a source that can get us granite countertops for the same price we were going to pay for laminate. We can now also have an under-mounted sink, which is preferable.

Next week they are supposed to start the tear off of the roof.

This weekend Steve and I must finish (no pressure really) removing the nails and labeling all the boards using a Dremel with our “simple” marking system. Then we can call the stripper guy and have him pick them up.

Monday night, we have an appointment at Community Home Supply to order sinks, faucets, a toilet and bathroom fixtures.

I have to say that we are feeling the pressure of getting materials on time and getting all this wood work finished. Steve also has to make a medicine cabinet from scratch because we want to have storage in the bathroom. However, the good news on this front is that the local wood shop has reopened. Anyone who has read this blog for a while will know this is a total Godsend!

And in the midst of all this, my Mom has gotten really sick. We think she got bitten by a tick on one of her camping trips a few weeks ago and has lyme disease! My Mom is an accomplished energetic amazing woman and for her to go from that to completely bed-ridden in 24 hours is a shock to her system and mine too. Subsequently, Steve will be the main Dremel-master this weekend so I can help my Mom.

"Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans." John Lennon

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Ben Biddle said...

Sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she recovers quickly. Don't let the house worry you, most repairs can wait but family can't be replaced.