Thursday, June 30, 2005

Changing our address

No, we're not moving (har-dee-har-har) I am just biting the bullet and changing our web address along with the name. The new link in case you want it is:

Thanks to Aaron over at HiP for helping with the transition and now things will get really confusing since there are now two (count them two folks) Chicago Two-Flat Blogs!
Chicago Two-Flat (formerly Lakewood 2-flat) and (Another)Chicago Two-Flat.

Now I have to go water the lawn and garden....again. It's been over 90 degrees for about a week now!


Greg said...

Wait, you're leagally changing your name to "Chicago Two-Flat"? Jocelyn, I think you're taking this blogging thing a bit to far!

Jocelyn said...

well, I'm only changing my first name so it's really not that big a deal is it?