Sunday, June 26, 2005

Coal Miner's Daughter

Well, I wasn't born one, but I moonlight as one on the weekends. I can't believe I am willing to post such an awful photo of me on the internet. Scroll to the very bottom of the blog if you want to see what I look like cleaned up.

This photo is me after removing the lathe and remaining debris. I like to call myself "Pigpen" at moments like this.

Had to get ready for the electrician coming next weekend and so I decided to remove the lathe so he can do whatever needs to be done easily and plus we want to reinforce the furring strips on the brick. We also discovered a small brick repair that we will make before sealing up the walls. Removing the lathe will also allow us to insulate and put a vapor barrier.

Here are some current photos:

I wanted to show this shot of the entry because it shows the disparate elements in the room. I already have matching curtains for both doors and will be changing out the obscured glass with clear to match the door on the left.

Saturday I grouted the tile and it turned out just great. I am getting pretty good at this tiling thing.

Wall sans brackets. This photo shows the mounting hardware for the brackets.

All in all, it was a pretty productive weekend.

Next weekend is the 4th and Steve has said that he will be able to finish the shelves. We'll see. I am hopeful! I will probably begin stripping the woodwork for the entry...


Greg said...

Umm, I think you have a little something on your down a over....there, you got it.

You've got to admire I woman who's not afaird of a little grunt work.

Scott in Washington said...

Your tile is looking good. I have to say as far as the whole house blog meme thing goes, that the tiling has been my favorite part so far.


Emerld said...

You Rock! You are WOMAN hear you Roar! Woo HOo! You are so beautiful, don't worry about a little dirt. ;)

Anonymous said...

Way to go- the demo always looks so good when it is all cleaned up. It's messy, but kind of fun. The tiling looks great- I may be asking for tips when I get to the point of tiling around the fireplace!

jmpottery said...

Don't sweat it, you're still a betty, dirt and all.

Jason @ House on Clover

Todd said...

Clean walls, dirty person! You know, I discovered on our last house that lathe makes the best kindling. It's been in the wall drying out for a lotta decades.

I've insulated walls from the inside like this, but never done a vapor barier. Can you show it or describe it?

I'm bored with no house to resurrect. Thanks for a good blog.

Todd said...

Ya know, I found lathe makes great kindling for the fireplace. You can almost light it with a match. Can you show us the vapor barrier when you get to it? Also, are you drywalling? I like the ease, price, and even the look of it, but some restoration folks are purists. I shimmed the studds in our bath with ripped strips of 2x4 to get the drywall at the same height on the woodwork. I just stapled it up then shot drywall screws.

Jocelyn said...

Todd- so funny I thought the same thing about lathe but we don't have a fireplace here not a bonfire(illegal in the city).

We had to shim out the walls in our kitchen to make the moulding fit right- not sure yet how to attack this room. After we completed the kitchen walls, someone told us to put a vapor barrier, which was described as plastic sheeting stapled onto the furring strips beneath the insulation. I will definitely post when I get to it.

I have heard differing opinions on this issue so am not sure whether it is needed. The reason we'd use it is because we have exterior walls that are brick and it would keep moisture out of the walls.

And yes we are drywalling- no can do plastering from scratch I am afraid. BTW, I saw your work on your site- it's stellar!

K said...

Hee hee, it's sort of fun sometimes to get dirty. I lovelovelove the tile. It looks amazing!