Tuesday, June 21, 2005

meme too!

Okay, taking HiP's suggestion and chrisc's interview questions, here it goes:

1) What has been the most challenging aspect of your house project?
This probably won't be a surprise to anyone, but I'd have to say that the length of the kitchen project has strained both Steve's and my patience and stamina. It's hard when projects drag on for a long time. It was hard when we hit the year anniversary and were not done, but now I'm over it.

Along with the patience issues, it's important to stay on the same team when you work together on a project as a couple. The worst times for me are when I am "waiting" for Steve to do something and I get a little naggy (bad).

Steve has very high standards and is a perfectionist. I tend to be a little more easy going. Guess who wins? Guess whose glad that he wins? (hint: me)

And finally, I'd have to say that much of the work has been physically challenging and exhausting. It's hard having a day job and doing all this hard work on the weekends and sometimes I just get worn down a bit. Wilted, ya know!

2) Regrets? We all have regrets about certain projects in our renovation files. Do you have any regrets about anything like "I wish we'd done this first" or "not bought that" or something?

I suppose with the bathroom, we would have liked to have used reproduction tile instead of the more contemporary 4" x 4" tiles, but we didn't know about it at the time. Another small regret would be that when we redid the kitchen floors, we would have replaced a few discolored boards, but really those kinds of imperfections don't bother us. We figure, it's a 100+ year old floor and it is solid but has a few discolorations- so what.

3) What's the most common statement people make when they see the house for the first time? What part tend to impress them most? Least?

People are often impressed by all the exposed woodwork and the coffered ceiling in the dining room.

stained glass in living room

Also, they are impressed with the quality of our work. I don't know what least impresses them, maybe that we aren't done yet? No one has said anything untoward so far.

When Steve first bought this place, his Mom (from MI) said, " Oh my God you got ripped off, you paid way too much for this place!" I think his parents questioned his sanity.

And on that note, I'm going to rest. I have a cold unfortunately!


christine said...

I just looked around your blog to gander at some pictures of your dining room ceiling. It's very pretty. I love that room. I can see where it would be the highlight of the house. I bet people are going to be most impressed with the kitchen from now on though.

K said...

Wow, I am impressed with you, too! Somehow, I've managed to miss all the "after" pictures on this site - that looks terrific!