Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Front Entry planning

Since I took the wallpaper down Sunday, we've been discussing what our plans are for the room. I said before we'd love to do marble in there, but just can't afford it right now. I feel that just having painted walls will not be durable enough for this smaller size entry with tenants coming and going etc... We have considered embossed wallpaper that you can paint, but we aren't super excited about it.

I was considering some kind of wainscotting and then Steve mentioned Beadboard (paneling)because it would be affordable and durable. It would go about 2/3 up the wall to the moulding that frames the room and we'd probably get oak and stain it to match everything else in the house.

I am not sure about this though...It could look quaint and craftman-like or cottagy maybe.
Has anyone ever seen beadboard in an entry way? Maybe I'll try and have Steve draw a picture and I can post that to get people's opinions...

We are also going to put in a new sconce from Rejuvenation most likely and a new address plaque and porch light on the outside, which will be a much needed improvement.

Otherwise this week has been uneventful with the house. It's been very hot here (in the 90's) and we put in our bedroom air conditioner but haven't done the rest of the house yet. When it's hot, I am less inclined to sit at the computer of course and post.

We are definitely tiling the backsplash in the kitchen this weekend and that will be a big hooray. That's it for now.


Greg said...

Marble would be great, but, as you said, expensive. Another option to bead board is the style of wainscoting that has flat panels 2 or 3 feet wide with a vertical trim piece dividing them and a simple cap that creates a very narrow shelf (2 or 3 inches). If you used a high grade veneered plywood you could run it 4 feet up the wall. It is something you see in dining rooms of Craftsman homes of the Teens and 20s. If you ever watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer, her home had it in the dining room. I think bead board belongs in kitchens, butler's pantries, and bathrooms.

Gary said...

You can always paint the walls to look like marble. If you paint them you can always put a coat of varnish over the paint or use a gloss or semi-gloss paint. The extra can of varnish will only cost you $20 or so. Having just put marble tile in the bathroom you have to allow for the fact that you will lose 1/2 inch of wall depth due to mortar and tile thickness which could play havoc with any molding or trim. A common finish on old walls was a Raw Umber Glaze. It gives the wall a bit of depth as well as tones down the base coat. I can send you a recipe if you chose this option. It involves linseed oil and artist pigment.