Friday, July 01, 2005

Dog tired

This week I have just been soooo tired. I am unsure whether it's allergies, my demo-action of the past 2 weekends, or the heat (it's been 90 degrees +++ ongoing here). It's probably a combination of all of these factors.

Sometimes working on the house wears me down but I usually tell myself that it's only temporary, that eventually I will have a life of relative leisure sitting in a nice teak lounge chair under a sunbrella in my yard drinking homemade lemonade admiring my flower garden.

It is true that after we finish the vestibule and the den, the inside of the first floor will be finished although I can see that we may never totally finish working on our place. I won't even go into the 2nd floor apartment or the basement dig-out that I am plotting during alleged "down-time."

One of the things we have discussed while laying around recuperating is how much we'd like to add a half wall with a wood column between our living room and dining room with built-in bookcases on one side. You see this in so many Bungalow's and it's one of those Sarah Susanka-type details that makes the most of small space.

It would go behind where the sofa is right now, building off the existing moulding and wall. A half wall with a column at the end (built to scale of course).

something like this:

or more like this (I like the open-ness of this one)

I know that I really do enjoy renovation and find the work rewarding because I can be really tired dragging my sorry butt out of bed and to work Monday thru Friday, but come Saturday do you think I can sleep past 7:30am?

I try to rest during the week evenings, but in the summer with the yard and watering, grass mowing,'s not easy.

I must do it for the love of it. Maybe it's the opposite of hedonism? I am addicted to results and activity that leads to them. It's a fullfilling addiction nonetheless.

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Trissa said...

I agree- I blame fatigue on the same things, but do think that allergies play a bigger part than I'd like to admit! I love seeing the pictures of the completed part of your first floor with the nice paint and beautiful furniture. We're going to put two partial "walls" in our entryway similar to what you posted. Right now, I'll we've got is the beam installed. Sarah Susanka has great ideas & I love her use of space and light. I think the reason we put so much time and energy into our homes is because the end product is SO worth it! :)