Saturday, June 18, 2005

Demolition Woman

Painter's hat- check. Face mask- check. Glasses- check. Gloves-check. Long sleeves and long pants-check. Sanity- check?

I took the walls and ceiling down in the entry today. I think demolition is like having a baby, after you have done it, time makes you forget how painful it is until the next time. (I have no children myself, but I wonder if any renovating Mom's agree or not?) I love the way our minds play these little tricks on us. If it didn't, we'd all be only children after all and our houses would never be finished.

Here's the room now. The lathe is still up. We haven't decided whether it will stay or go.
I demoed this little room all by myself. I am woman hear me roar! I also managed to remove alot of the moulding without cracking it- woohoo!

Hole is where old mailbox used to be- not original unfortunately.

Other side

It took about 8 half filled contractor bags. We will be disposing of them tonight after dark on the down low. (Shhhh secret)

One advantage of having condo conversions everywhere around us and subsequently dumpsters is we have a handy place to get rid of our debris. We figure they owe us at least that as I spend time every single day picking up debris from their sites that blows down to our lawn and they had our car relocated to boot!

Next I will be calling the electrician to rewire the sconce and the outside light and putting in a dusk till dawn electric eye for both. We also were thinking we should put some wires in for wired doorbells. Right now we have battery operated remote ones.


Anonymous said...

The demo looks great- nicely done and it looks so clean! It's such a mess to go through, and you never know what you'll find.
It looks great- I'm curious to see whether or not you keep the lathe...

christine said...

I agree wholeheartedly that demolition is easily forgotten until the next project. Smashed fingers,- forgotten...splinters under fingernails,- forgotten...dramatic sneezing and coughing spells,- distant memory. Loved the childbirth analogy. How true.

Anyway, way to go. Nice work! Demo chicks rock!

Greg said...

Not a bad days work. I like demo, especially when I'm ripping out something really hideous, which was most of my house when I first bought it. Did you find an affordable source for marble yet?

Deb said...

it's most definetly like childbirth! after i had ella i vowed never again have another baby, but 4 years later came seth!

hopefully the renovation doesn't last as long as childhood lasts! man, i think i'd end up in the looney-bin!

Jocelyn said...

Hey Grex- haven't had a chance to work on the marble-too busy at work last week to do anything of a personal nature unfortunately.

I have been leaning towards wainscotting rather than tapping into my savings. Could always add marble later on, but I will still pursue a quote or 2.

Anonymous said...

You better hurry and do something with that wall, because by code you've exposed bx cable and now when exposed you have to bring it up to current electrical code which is emt conduit pipe. Especially since it's in your front hall and your mailman can make a complaint or a city inspector can just make entry and cite you.

Jocelyn said...

We are planning to bring it up to code of course (!) There is already conduit run to the sconce and our electrician is coming this weekend to address everything.