Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's me, really...Lakewood

In the interest of our privacy, I am renaming the blog: Chicago Two-Flat.
I am not really happy about it because I feel I am "Lakewood" but it seems like a good idea.

Just wanted to mention it. The address remains the same for the time being because that part is a bit more complicated. Maybe I'll revert back, not sure yet. It's funny how attached one gets to names, etc...

Chicago Two-Flat kind of fits well though because I am also focusing on Chicago architecture on the blog and what's going on in the city and neighborhood development-wise.

Everything else will remain the same!


Kristin said...

I can see how it would be a good idea. It's hard to hide in my little town ... the word about my site is quickly making the rounds. Oh well, I enjoyed my privacy while it lasted. :)

Greg said...

I understand completely. I sent an email to the reporter that was here yesterday asking her not to mention the blog in the article (I had given her the URLs to my web page and blog prior to the meeting.) It is a good thing I did too because she was going to mention it.

Apparently she had read a lot because she seemed to know a lot about the house and the Petch family as I was showing her around.

I like the anonymity aspect of the blog. I can write what I want without having to worry about running in to someone at the market that I wrote about. I mentioned the blog once at work and someone asked me what the URL was so they could check it out. I quickly realized that was a bad idea and said I couldn't recall just then. I've never mentioned it again.

You'll always be Lakewood 2-Flat to most of us here.

Scott in Washington said...

Dear Lakewood, I mean Chicago 2, I mean Grex, I mean, no...

I'm in the same boat. Not really thinking about the implications, I named by blog my street name. If you know what town I live in (I don't hide that either) you can drive up our street and see our house (its on the left, no the right, now I've confused you and am off the hook, hah hah!). So far the bad people from the Internet haven't come to poison the pets and steal the children but it is always a niggling little fear that something negative will come of the public nature of my blog. My coworkers do read it, though, and sometimes I have to talk about stuff at work that I'd rather leave to the more anonymous house blogger world.

And I can totally sympathize with the Pig Pen thing. I was definitely there Saturday.

Jocelyn said...

I got the below comment that alarmed me. All I need to is get reported to the city or something!

cityinspector said...
You better hurry and do something with that wall, because by code you've exposed bx cable and now when exposed you have to bring it up to current electrical code which is emt conduit pipe. Especially since it's in your front hall and your mailman can make a complaint or a city inspector can just make entry and cite you.

I was like,eeeek! maybe I should try and hide a little more.

I don't mention work at all because the world is just too small. And only one person at work has seen the blog and I hope she forgot the address.

Maybe the above comment was a sour grapes contractor. heehee. I just can't shut up can I?

I have to say that the Houseblog world is pretty utopian so far. Everyone is quite nice and respectful etc...hopefully I didn't jinx it now!

M said...

I just discovered this blog the other day while researching projects and it inspired me to start my own (the title is Another Chicago Two-flat -it was going to be "Chicago Two-Flat" until I saw you changed yours), so I sure appreciate your efforts and your willingness to share info.

I don't think you should let that particular comment bother you, but, I do think it is a good idea to keep a cursory level of privacy by not mentioning your address, being careful about giving out too many details about your life (where you work, etc). Remember, though, that being in Chicago provides a certain level on anominity itself as your neighborhood is a populous as a lot of medium-sized towns.