Saturday, June 11, 2005

Backsplash Tile Installation

Well, the good news is we were able to finish tiling yesterday. It was a long day that started out picking up the tile saw at Clark-Devon's tool rental at about 8am and cleaning up the kitchen at about 8:30pm. We had alot of precision cutting around the brackets, outlets, and window moulding, which took some time.

Steve at work. This model, the Tile Master retails at $1200.00 and has a diamond blade. It makes clean, precise cuts and handles 45 degree angles and mitered cuts with ease.

Steve making a freehand precision cut.

Steve finishing off the angled cut.

I hope no one will think me big headed to say I am very proud of us. Steve handled the cuts, and I laid the tile. It needs to cure for 24-48 hours and then we can grout it, which shouldn't take more than a few hours. I will probably grout one evening this week.

As we returned the tile saw this morning, I reflected back on previous rentals over the past year. The kitchen project was made easier with the following rented tools: drywall lift, drywall sander, U-Sander, Edger, and now the Tile cutter.

I love when we go to return our tools and we've finished the job. It's a real feeling of accomplishment. I get a similar feeling when we "break for lunch" because I feel like a real construction worker. (Does anyone else feel this way?)

Here's the finished tile:

and over the stove:

We have been planning to get a more period grill, but haven't selected one yet.
So, in the meantime, we put in the one from Fantech, so we don't have to look at a hole in the wall. This grill has one really good feature though, it has a face plate that rotates until closed, which seals off the vent in cold weather. This feature has us reconsidering using this grill. We were thinking maybe we could paint a picture of a rooster on it or something like that and keep it there...

A few people have contacted me to ask about what kind of wall exhaust fan we used. Many of those available (Braun has one) are not made to go through thick brick exterior walls like what we have. After much research, we ended up with the Fantech TDW 7 Model RSK 6. It is a very quiet commercial grade fan. The motor mounts on the exterior of the wall, which is one reason it's so quiet.

And no milestone project post would be complete without a nod to our ever-present helpers. They love laying on our drop cloths just to be supportive!

Next weekend: (hopefully) Steve will build shelves and install remaining 4 brackets and I will start tackling the entry wall demolition.


Greg said...

A BIG congratulations! I know this project (not the whole kitchen, but just the tile and brackets) has taken a long time and a lot of work. The best part is - it looks fantastic!

Becky said...

Looks great guys! Can't wait to see the shelf in place.

Emerld said...

WOO HOO! Congrats!!! Looks awesome!
I'm very proud of you and your hard work. Take care of yourself, you deserve it!

derek said...

I like that sink, and the tiles look great. Are you adding upper cabinets? I can't imagine fitting everything in that many cabinets. Maybe we have too much junk.

Jocelyn said...

We are having open shelving over the sink and we have a full-size pantry with a pot rack mounted on the ceiling. We have plenty of storage. We went with open shelving because we wanted a more open feeling kitchen and it's more period than many cabinets- unless you go higher end or salvage. The shelving should be done soon- so you'll see the total effect then.

rock strongo said...

the tile looks great! where did you get your cabinets from? Oh and your sink is awesome too!

Trissa said...

Yahoo! The tile looks great- what a huge accomplishment. Most of our tool rentals have been for power snakes to clean out the sewer line- I haven't had the same sense of satisfaction when we return them. Just an appreciation for plumbing that works and desire to take a shower! The kitchen is looking great- way to go!

misschrisc said...

So pretty! It looks like you've almost reached the finish line. I love the whole look, especially the farm sink and the georgous yellow cupboards. It has a real traveling back in time feel to it. Great job!

Jocelyn said...

Thanks Chris- that comment means alot to me because that is totally what we are going for in our house!

Kristin said...

Fabulous! Bravo!