Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'll take some progress with that please

I woke up Monday with a sore throat and have had a cold & allergies this week, so my energy and progress haven't been stellar.

But I have been able to accomplish a few things:

1. Ordered the light for the exterior porch and sconce for entry. Both from Rejuvenation. I found some really great lights at Steve Handelman Studio's online, but don't want to spend that kind of cash right now. They are very handmade looking and lovely.

I ended up with Jordan Valley, the one that everyone liked and the Alsea for the outside. Both are a vast improvement from the $10.00 Menards special that is there now.

2. Researched address plaques online and came up with a nice and reasonably priced option. Solid brass, very simple at Probably will order tomorrow.

3. Called the electrician and scheduled him to come out July 2nd. He is going to rewire the outside light and sconce and wire them to electric eyes for dusk to dawn operation. He is also going to run some wire for a future doorbell and perhaps run some conduit for the 2nd floor bathroom. Our tenants will be moving out next Spring and it's time to rehab the bathroom up there. Thus, the need for conduit.

4. Called the Marble guy and left a message.

5. Weeded my yards front and back and transplanted some overcrowded plants.

Not bad for a sickie, wouldn't you say?

This weekend, I am planning to grout the kitchen tile and remove the remaining mouldings from the entry. I will also remove some lathe so the electrican can do his thing and I have some iris and camassia bulbs that need to be divided.

And where is Steve? Too busy with "work-work" to work on the house. I am being good and patient though I swear on the stack of wood boards waiting to become shelving in the basement I am.

Mojo is getting a little mad though...


Gary said...

My slate tile arrived today. I have to pick it up tomorrow so I will look at the marble slabs and let you know the price per sq. ft.
After hauling my hearth down the stairs to polish it though, I can tell you it is going to be heavy. That slab must weigh 100 lbs.

Greg said...

Not bad at all for a sickie! I sometimes don't accomplish that much even when I'm feeling well. I never had allergies in my life until I moved to Santa Cruz in the late 80s. Something there set me off each summer. Since I left, I haven't had a problem.

Greg said...

Steven Handelman Studios is very nice stuff, but Yikes!, is that expensive. However, you could get a second nights...weekends. Might be something to think about :-)

K said...

Awww, I like the poochie picture. :)

Gary said...

OK the damage report is in! The price of white Carrara marble is....... wait for it....... Drum Roll Please......... Are you ready?....... Sure?.........
$32.20 a sq.ft. Ouch!!!!!
Some other types of marble were less (around $29.00 sq. ft) some were more up to $40.00 for the grey verigated kind like our fireplace.
Carrara marble 12 inch tiles were $9.20 sq.ft.

Some of the neat counter top granites are around $40.00 sq. ft. Maybe that would be cool to have. Be bold, break from tradition and maybe start your own!

Jocelyn said...

Greg- a second job? I would prefer to clone myself but that isn't either legal or ethical. :)

Gary- thx for the marble pricing. That is close to what I got as a quote for installed. I know I was all excited about the marble, but I am feeling more practical of late and leaning towards some simple wainscotting for now.

I am still going to do some research though as I have time for it!

When we had considered soapstone countertops and Steve wanted to do it ourselves, I was like "whoa it's TOO HEAVY for me." 100 pounds of dead weight too!