Friday, July 01, 2005

Resting tonight

Over here at Chicago Two-Flat we're resting tonight getting ready for the BIG weekend sanding, staining, and finally installing the kitchen shelves.

There's been some unfortunate news though about the woodshop that Steve uses. Steve just found out last night the instructor quit. According to "Bert" (name changed to protect identity), a fire alarm in the Park District Building was going off for 2 weeks straight (hard to fathom, I know) and the fire department wouldn't come and turn it off.

After 2 weeks of this "Bert" got tired of it and climbed up and cut the wires. As you might imagine, cutting the wires to a city fire alarm is not something the city or fire dept. takes kindly to. Therefore "Bert" decided to quit and avoid losing his pension, which is what would have happened if he had been fired.

This woodshop is about 6 blocks away and the next closest woodshop in about a 30 minute cab ride away. The good news is that there is another great woodshop relatively close by. The bad news is it's a bit less convenient. We'll make it work of course.

There's still the all the built in shelving to be made for the pantry. A big pile of red oak awaits(underneath the moulding from the vestibule).


Greg said...

Bummer for Steve. Does he rent space from an instructor and a school or something? Is a big city thing where woodshops rent space to people without tools or big garages?

Jocelyn said...

The City of Chicago Park District has these "Field Houses" that are open to the public. They offer Day Camp for kids, yoga classes, etc... Some of them have woodshops and offer classes for kids and adults. It's like $20 for 3 months-really reasonable and they have a full woodshop- it is great for Steve.

We are in no position to buy all the tools and make our own woodshop here. This is how he's able to make all his furniture etc...

Steve found out that the woodshop near us will probably re-open-they just need to get a new instructor. Hopefully the new one will be much better. I have some good stories about the most recent guy.

I really should do a post about the Rogers Park woodshop history, it's pretty colorful.

He went to Lincoln Park yesterday and jined the shelves and he is taking a cab home with them right now- woohoo!