Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Crash and burn

Alas, I just typed almost and entire post and then somehow lost it. I'll try and recreate it.

I've hit the fatigue wall again. How annoying that it slows my work down.

This morning I left for work and saw more shards of wood (see last post) and I got mad again. I will be buying that red pepper spray recommended by Stucco House stat.

We may be taking a break this weekend since I am so draggy and Steve's back is hurting. We are just falling to pieces, kind of like the wood shards I saw on the ground this morning- Scrappy you cad!! (Sorry, I'll try to control myself)

Anyway, we might just go shopping for under shelf lights this weekend and go see that new Penguin movie narrated by Morgan Freeman. He has a soothing voice and from what I hear, those penguins have it pretty rough and maybe it will make me feel better to see them overcome their obstacles.


Greg said...

Yes, take some time off. You guys deserve it. You worked so hard on the kitchen for so long. Enjoy the movie.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're hitting the wall. Take the time off and enjoy it!

Derek said...

I took last night off. It felt weird. I was tired from filling that bin, a few tonnes of dirt and concrete. It's better to take time off than to burnout.