Friday, July 22, 2005

blogged out

I guess I've been a little OD'd on the computer in general. Sometimes, it seems like I spend all day at work writing emails and making phone calls- ugh! And then I come home and stare at the computer more.

I love reading people's blogs and writing my own, but sometimes maybe we all need a break. That's why I haven't posted too much this week. I actually took today off work (OD'd on work too it seems) and did some housecleaning (got to keep those finished rooms up to snuff) and went shopping with my Mom. We went to REI and also a Garden Center and got some perennials. I haven't bought any all summer and they are on sale now. So, tomorrow I'll be expanding the beds and planting. We are going to the lighting store in the morning to look at small halogen lights for under our shelving. Hopefully, we'll get lucky and find something that will work.

Steve has things to attend to as well: adding the hardware for the
swing door so it can stay open, and making templates for the trim he is adding to the shelving in the kitchen. The trim will obscure the lights underneath. I think it will be a nice touch and finish them off a bit more.

2 weeks from now, we are having my Dad over for dinner and to see the finished kitchen. He hasn't seen it for a while as we usually go visit him on his turf . It will be nice to show him the finished room. It will be my first real dinner party with the new kitchen-woohoo!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Greg said...

It does sound like you’ve been burning the candle at both ends latly. Some burn out is inevitable. I spend waaaay too much time on the computer. I use it as a break from projects, if you can believe that. For me it is still all-old-house-all-the-time. I may sing a different tune when I have an actual sink in the kitchen and I can cook a real meal, but for now it is go, go, go. A break is nice, it is a way to replenish yourself. This stuff is in your blood, though. You’ll be back.

Emerld said...

Keep cool in the 102 heat! Don't even THINK about planting anything. I'm calling in sick aug 1, mental health day. haven't taken one since feb and matt and i want to take the kids to breakfast. we can't do that around here on the weekends ;( ther's only about 3 restaurants and they're all full.