Thursday, July 28, 2005

Can you hear me now?

Our electrician came back this week and finished installing our new intercom system. We now have an intercom in the 2nd floor apt., in our kitchen, and in Steve's office in the basement.

We relied on the expertise of John the electrician for selecting the right model- not something we usually do- but he is a great guy and knows his stuff.

I can't recall if I'd mentioned this, but we had decided to add the system since the vestibule/entry walls were down. We got a Pacific Electronics Apartment Station #3404. Steve still needs to mortise out the door jambs to fit the new electric strike plates that will allow our tenants to buzz people in rather than come down and open the door manually.

I know it isn't period and if the original old systems were in place, we would have kept them. But we have to think about the marketability of the building as a rental as well. Getting this work done felt good-like we are bringing "up" the building, which is a good feeling.

Speaking of the tenants, I called "Thadeus" tonight and had a short chat. When it comes down to it, I am a softie and if I can help someone, I will. I myself, went through a very rough financial period while in college supporting myself and I am sympathetic to the plight of students. I did tell him that we were not in the position to have this happen on an ongoing basis like it did last year and I was concerned about that. I said, "of course if something happens once in a while, we can handle it(softie)." I think we will be okay- we'll see.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions-they really were good ones.

our hallway/kitchen unit

basement control center

Tonight we had to move some wood in the basement to make way for the drywall we will be picking up tomorrow night at Home Depot for the entry. This weekend Steve will be reinforcing and adding new furring strips in the room to support the drywall and insulating. I will be finishing up stripping the trim for the room and carefully stripping around the window in there.

On Sunday, Steve's siter Teri may be coming for a visit from Kenosha, WI to hang out and see our completed (almost anyway) kitchen.


Greg said...

Nifty set up. I’ve thought about putting one of those in my 2 unit rental. Both units are upstairs and as it is now someone buzzes at the common door on the first floor and the tenants have to come downstairs to let them in. I would also like to fix the kitchen counters, the plaster, and windows. Oh, and I still need to finish my house, soooo, it probably won’t be happening for a while.

Trissa said...

I'm glad that you at least talked to your tennants- I hope that rent comes in on time from now on! The intercom will be great. I hope the drywalling and stripping around the window goes well!

Kristin said...

Ooh, technology ... I have never lived in a building with buzzers, but it does sound like a nifty new addition!