Monday, July 25, 2005

French doors

We are pretty certain there used to be French doors over the entrance to our two-flat. It makes sense when you look at the sill there. It's the only thing that makes sense. We'd like to restore them someday and change the awning when it's ready to be replaced. We envision some nice ironwork framing the doors and for safety of course.

The wall to the room where those windows are was added at some point also. It makes the apartment a 2 BR plus den. When we rehab the upstairs, we may restore that as well and open up the room again-perhaps with a half wall, so that a desk could go behind it.

Notice the a/c in the window? We told our tenant he could not put an a/c in that window because there is no sill, but he did it anyway. I was pretty po'd about that. Don't get me started on our tenants though. They are on my bad list.

You can see our new address plaque and light in this photo too. Steve obscured the address number in PhotoShop. The door will be replaced with one Steve is going to build. Maybe next year, depending how other projects progress.

I thought I'd share some of our future plans as during the week not much happens on the house.
Like I've said, we are in it for the long haul!


Greg said...

So if there were French Doors up there then there must have been a pretty substantial porch roof that you could step out on to. Am I understanding this right? Is there evidence of something more than just an awning?

I just had my long time tenants give notice and I found another woman to rent to already! I’ve known her for about three years and she is very pleasant. Whew! I told here I would give her 6 days free rent at the end of August if I didn’t have to clean the apartment. She was thrilled. I love renting to starving college students.

Also, I have a nice set of oak French Doors in my attic with nice brass hardware circa 1920s. I’ll make you a deal on them if your willing to pick them up. :-)

ben said...

Maybe it was a large picture window or stained glass? Or even french doors that didn't open. Is there a threshold?

M said...

Have you seen any similar places with the original doors in tact? I think French doors are the way to go, but all the examples that I've seen that look like they might be original (well, that look old anyway) are basically just regular doors, not French doors. To be sure, they look pretty strange up there. French doors would look a lot better.

Gary said...

Ssssshhhhhh! They aren't "French Doors" they are "Liberty Doors". How soon we forget!

Jocelyn said...

When I get some time, I'll take some photos of similar buildings with French Doors in the neighborhood. I agree French Doors with iron work is the way to go. We can't tell if there is a threshold because there are built-in bookcases below the window hiding the answer to that question.

As to the porch question, we are not sure. This is a case where getting the original drawings from the historical society would help. I am planning to do just that this winter. We have talked about putting in a more substantial overhang with columns etc... Again, I'll post some photos of different options.

And Gary (sorry) but: "Vive la France!"

AngelSil said...

The long haul is the way to go!

[it makes taking a weekend or two off less guilt-inducing]

Trissa said...

I can see the potential. French doors with a patio would be awesome. It will be another one of those big projects with a great outcome! Just think of the day you could sit out there with your morning coffee and the paper (or a cold beer at night)!