Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Still drying

The kitchen shelves are still installed yet empty while the stain dries. During down time last night I made a "To Do" list for the entry and divided up the tasks to see who will be doing what.

Here it is:
Strip, Sand & Stain moulding - Jocelyn
Reinforce existing furring strips - Steve (maybe J too)
Add new framing - Steve (maybe J too)
Insulate walls & ceiling - Jocelyn
Drywall - S & J
Taping - Steve
Sanding walls - Steve (maybe J)
Prime & Paint walls - S & J
Re-install mouldings - Steve (without question)
Replace glass on one door & pane - S & J
Clean floor - Jocelyn
Curtains - Jocelyn

There are some things that Steve is just way better than me at- finish carpentry is one of them.

I am pretty strong, but not as skilled with a hammer or a drill. But, this time I am thinking I may reinforce the furring strips and install the new framing myself.

Doing this room now was my idea, I pushed for it and I am supplying the capital so I have to try and do as much as possible so Steve can work on the projects he has had planned.

And they are important ones. The pantry for one. He is building custom built-in oak shelving. He is even making a storage compartment for my beloved Dyson vacuum. And there will be a small pot rack too. We put framing in the ceiling to support it.

I am convinced after he finishes this, we will be in storage nirvana.

Here's the pantry before we cleaned it up:

Here's the outside view currently:

Pantry light

and Here is inside currently:

You probably notice the discoloration on the floor there. We believe it was water damage as the refridgerator used to be in the pantry. We could have replaced those boards, but it really doesn't bother us. After all, it's a 100+ year old floor. I know I won't look brand new when I'm 100.

Steve's other "project" is tuckpointing the sides of our building. I won't go into that one right now.


Anonymous said...


Your pantry looks awesome - wait till you get all your custom shelves and whatnot. You'll probably have to go buy more kitchen goodies just to use it all! We're planning a pantry for our kitchen remodel. They seem like a much better use of space; nothing has to be super neat and hidden, so you can find things easily.

Oh, and I'm no good with finish work either; I feel your pain. Great job with things, you guys are really moving! It looks awesome.

Greg said...

Is it just my imagination or does Steve have a longer list than you do?

I'm glad you didn't rip out the floor because of the stain. That is the sort of thing that drives me nuts.

Jocelyn said...

Greg- I don't think so, especially when you take into consideration I did all the demo in there by myself.
I do most of the housework too.
Why must we compare? (you hit a nerve):(

K said...

I love it! We have a butler's pantry that was converted into a half bath, and I want to take it bath to a butler's pantry ... that happens to have a toilet in it. I haven't figured out yet how to do that. :)

K said...

make that "back to a butler's pantry" :)