Thursday, July 07, 2005

City Livin'

I was inspired by Minor Adjustments' funny and bizarre post this morning to share my funny city living story from last weekend. It's short, but it pretty much sums up alot about my neighborhood.

Steve and I were out on the front yard on Saturday morning early like 7am. I was in my robe and checking on the flowers. Steve was smoking a cigarette (bad Steve). Two guys walked by and said good morning and then one of them paused and turned to me and...

No, he didn't ask for a cigarette -that would be too common to make a good story (And incidentally Steve never gives out cigarettes to anyone).

He had a packaged breakfast sandwich in his hand and he asked me to, "Throw it in the microwave for a few minutes for him."

What do you think I did in my morning daze?

I microwaved it of course.
I said, "How long?"
and he said, "Till it's super hot." and off I went to the microwave.

I brought it back to him and he was on his merry way to the bus stop. Like I said, city living.

This whole thing reminds me of the issues we face in our gentrifying/transitional neighborhood on a daily basis. For example: 2 guys are sitting across the street on a stoop drinking beer out of bags. They aren't being loud or anything. Do we call the police? I have to say that I feel bad for people and if they aren't being truly disruptive, I let it slide sometimes but I dislike the beer bottles they leave behind etc...


Greg said...

That is hilarious!

A few weeks back when I was running a new gas line, I crawled out from under the house covered in dirt and spider webs. The access is right on the sidewalk and a woman was walking by. My body was still half under the house and she asked me for a cigarette in a manor that seemed like we were friends or acquaintances. It was a bit surreal. The only thing I really thought at the time was how thankful I am that I quit smoking.

The Bishops said...

Right on the nose. That is exactly the bizzar kind of thing I've got in my neighborhood. I probably would have nuked it for him too. I don't which is funnier, him asking or me doing it.

heather said...

LOVE IT! Sounds like something that would happen in our "little town" too. Of course, it wouldn't have been a complete stranger.