Monday, January 22, 2007

Nostalgia...well, not quite

It's getting to be tax time, so Steve and I spent a few hours Sunday categorizing and sorting through all the receipts and invoices from the work that we did in 2006. Suffice it to say, there was ALOT of paper to sort through. Fortunately, we had managed to keep a level or organization through the process so we were not bad off at all.

Looking over all the invoices since paid and done with, I was reminded of just how much work we had done last year. It was alot. It was exciting. It was exhausting. It was, of course, more work than we thought it would be. Nerves frayed and tempers flared at times, but we survived to tell the tale.

And I found myself reliving some of the excitement and gratification that comes from big projects like we had going on last summmer. I found myself getting just a little hungry for the next big project.

The wheels starting turning about how much I want our basement finished off. Of course, the fact that Steve and I basically spent all day Saturday down there -him installing lathe and me weatherstripping 4 windows and cleaning out cobwebs- didn't help ease my growing urges.

I even started thinking that most dangerous of thoughts, "What can I do to move this project forward?" Now, I knew I was in trouble. I'm now scheming how I can come up with the funds to have the asbestos down there abated as soon as possible.

Now really, this is a good thing. For if Steve and I are to start working on anything down there on a regular basis, removing that dangerous element from the basement seems a wise move and one we will probably make.

But as for a total overhaul of our basement, there is only one thing that can save an obsessive project monger/house restorer such as myself from my own self. Lack of cash.

We will not be up for a big expense like that for a while, unless something dramatically changes in our finances.

In the meantime, we can do things little by little and bit by bit. Steve is repairing the plaster ceilings in a few places to make the rooms solvent. We don't need to live with holes in the ceiling for 5 years after all.

And we'll have the asbestos properly abated and I can work on things in the basement and not worry about cancer so much.

Otherwise, here are the projects we are planning to work on for the rest of winter:

Stripping the den/basement door and refinishing, Building out the pantry, correcting our swinging door installation, installing a few threshholds.

Furniture-wise, Steve is planning to make some new bed rails for a headboard my Mom bought. He's making them out of walnut to match the headboard. He is also going to make a stand to hold a large model boat for my Dad. And then, after he's done woodworking for others, the next item up is (for now) a plate rack for our kitchen.

This should keep us busy enough for a while...


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is a great blog. Your place looks fantastic. You have accomplished a lot.

I live in the northern suburbs of chicago and am working on an old house and was wondering if you could recommend any of the following: (1) wood stripper (2) tile source tile person (3) stained glass repair (4) sash repair. thanks.


allison said...

Boy, you guys have more energy than anyone I know. I can relate to being obsessed with getting projects done, but I wish I had that much time. I am hoping to paint most of the house in the near future, but all the plaster repair tends to slow down the process. Here’s to a good year of finishing projects!

Jocelyn said...

Oh we get tired here- but we do work hard too.

Paul- thanks! I do have some recommendations for you. I'd appreciate if you mentioned that I referred you.
1. Chicago Wood Stripping
Darrell 773-276-1283
2. For tiling, I'd recommend our contractor Miro. His number is 224-628-8671
3. Harmony Art Glass in Chicago (I don't have the number handy but he's listed)
4. Custom Sash & Door 847-329-1728

All of the above did great work. Good luck with your house and thanks for the kind words.

Greg said...

Man, there are too many house blogs these days. I totally missed your last three posts. When did you get a SPR? I must have missed that post as well. Do you like the SPR? Was it worth the cost?