Sunday, December 17, 2006

So Long 2nd Floor...

The day has finally arrived. Our tenants worked things out and we decided to let them move in with a month to month lease. In case you don't know, this kind of lease requires only 30 days notice to vacate on either side. We feel safer this way. The one roommate is going to help the other financially until they find a permanent job. We are hoping for the best, but even their permanent lease only goes till August 31st so we are not locked in for long. It would behoove them to behave if they want to stay here- we've clearly communicating the tolerances in the building- now it's up to them.
They moved in Thursday. I left them a box of Frango mints and a Christmas card- trying to start off on a positive note. So far they haven't ackowledged the gift, but like I told Steve, I am all about my side of the street. I did good by giving a gift. What they do- that is their karma not mine!

I thought I'd take this time to say a long awaited "so long" to the second floor. It's been unoccupied for 7 months and I hope J & W can make it a home. We did our part to make it homey-just take a look.

Cast iron Hunter ceiling fan- made to last a lifetime.

Unlacquered polished brass sconces from Rejuvenation. The unlacquered brass will age to a fine patina (we hope).

Wood blinds were pretty costly, so we opted for sheers from Target hemmed to fit the dining and living room windows.

The bedrooms have black out roller shades with fringe.

To make things last, you have to build them right. We added door stops wherever needed to protect the walls and woodwork.

Before, there were cheap hardware store plates and knobs covered in layers of paint. What on earth happened to the originals I wonder? At least they kept the original doors though.

We replaced all the hardware with real vintage hardware.

We stripped and waxed the original hex tile floor. It's not perfect, but it looks fine I think.

I can't not mention Steve's custom medicine cabinet.

And Steve buffed all the grout haze off as well as sealing the tile.

Not much to look at, but for what it's worth we sanded, filled and repainted the three radiator covers. We also coated them with poly to make the finish last (hopefully) longer.

Cast iron brackets and solid oak shelving in the pantry.

Granite counter top, tiled backsplash, vented to the outside microwave, and new energy efficient appliances.

I'm happy we had most of the original hinges and they are 100 years old and still going strong. Where we needed to, we got replacements from Jan's Antiques.

I photocopied all the instructions for the appliances.

It's always a little project getting the keys ready. Steve engraves them all too. Have I told you he's a perfectionist lately?

Billie says "bye" too. Wish us luck!


Aaron said...

Very nice--thanks for the photo recap. I knew you'd done a lot upstairs but all together it's impressive both for the quality and for the amount of work you guys did!

StuccoHouse said...

Very cozy! I hope the new renters turn out (although, I'll admit that your bad renters were entertaining to read about ;-)

Christina said...

How exciting! I'll have to touch base with you later about how you marketed it-we'll be putting our unit up soon (probably January).

The place looks great!

merideth said...

the apartment looks sooo good. I know i've said it before but if i was a renter in chicago, i'd call that place a jackpot!

also love the "i'm all about my side of the street" comment

misschrisc said...

It's so beautiful. Can I move in? I think your attention to detail is really impressive. What lucky renters.

John said...

Your rental is nicer than anything I've ever lived in (rented or owned). Wow.

Jocelyn said...

Chris- of course you can move in! :)

John- in some ways it's nicer than our own place, but only because we still have a few things left to do in the 1st floor: refinish floors, pantry, etc...