Saturday, January 27, 2007

Scary basement getting less scary

Steve got to work plastering the holes in the basement ceiling today. Plastering is sure a messy job- especially when it's a ceiling.

First, he applied the Plaster Weld (otherwise known to us as "the pink stuff")to the existing edges for better bonding. Steve is a firm believer in taking extra steps.

Then he mixed up the plaster.

He added sand as an aggregate so the plaster would match the textured look of our existing basement ceiling.

Here he is getting ready to apply the first batch.
He mixed it almost to the consistency of peanut butter.
And here's the first application going up.

It took a few layers to get it leveled out and quite a few hours, but it looks pretty good now.

Here's what it looked like with just the lathe up last weekend. And what did I do while Steve was plastering away all day? Rest assured I was pulling my weight. I was at the laundromat washing our comforters and other bulky items and I cleaned the house. I was going to SPR the den door, but I decided it would feel better to have a clean house this weekend.
Next weekend will be a stripping weekend.


Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic!

Mark said...

Nice job. I almost miss our plaster......almost

Derek said...

Real plaster,that's great. I've been repairing ours with gypsum products, doesn't seem too noticeable once it's painted.

Anonymous said...

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