Sunday, January 14, 2007

The mysterious drip uncovered

So, as promised we cut open the ceiling on Saturday. Rather Steve did, while I was out canvasing for our local Aldermanic election. He cut to the left, thinking it was the radiator or toe kick in the kitchen, but didn't find anything.

So he cut to the right and things got decidedly damp and wet. Until, the realization dawned. It was the shower. The brand new and newly run shower piping was leaking. Good news in that we do not have to rip out the kitchen cabinets, but bad news in that half our bathroom ceiling is gone and we have to cut a large hole in our tenants bedroom.
The culprit? Our favorite contractor, Miro. We're hoping he'll come back and repair the ceiling and wall but we won't be having him do the plumbing again. Rather, we'll be calling in a licensed plumber. Live and learn. Sometimes it hurts a little.

Here's a close up of the leaking. Sigh.

Oh, and we decided after one night's disrupted sleep, that we are putting wall to wall carpeting in the bedroom over ours. Our tenant has a desk and chair in there and the sound of the chair scraping on the bare wood floors at 11pm prevents sleep. We need our sleep to deal with our life ya know.

Kind of a bummer of a start to the year having to spend our money and time on this stuff.


Emerld said...

BUMMER!!! Hugs. So sorry . been there last year when we greeted the new year with burst pipes and or frozen pipes. or was it frozen then burst pipes? EEK! Still waiting to sell the building. DH's going Sat to talk to the guy.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yawn, fucking yuppy scumbags, instead of letting a good contrctor come back and repair his work you whine about it and call someone else.

Glad you didn't call me, when I found out I would have walked out and let you rot!

Jocelyn said...

After two failed attempts to repair the work, we decided to call in someone else. I think this is reasonable. You don't sound like someone I would want to hire. You sound like someone with a bad attitude. I think we are VERY fair with the contractors we hire.

Perhaps you are threatened by the DIY phenomenon.

Jocelyn said...

BTW- we are capable of doing the repair ourselves and would manage fine without your assistance.