Thursday, January 11, 2007

The mysterious drip (a poem)

Still it's dripping, albeit intermittently.
We know not whence it came.

We ponder the drip.
Is it the kitchen drain, could it be the toe-kick, or the radiator?
We hope it's the radiator. We hope.

The water- it's color is that of rust.
This leads us to believe- to hope it is indeed from
the radiator pipes. We hope.

At night, we close the door so not to hear
the drip (long pause) drip (long pause) drip (and so on).
We sleep, but not terribly peacefully.

The drip- it's the proverbial pea under the mattress,
the grit in one's eye while squinting in the bright sunlight,
the dog doo you stepped in - left there by some lazy person
who didn't do the job they should have.

Saturday, we'll cut a hole in the ceiling
(oh joy oh joy oh joy)
and hopefully we'll solve the mystery
(oh joy oh joy oh joy).
Till then, we'll try not to listen too hard to
the drip (long pause) drip (long pause) drip (and so on).

Poem by Jocelyn who doesn't believe poems need to rhyme and believes in finding poetry in the mundane and everyday stuff of life.


Greg said...

Nice poem, but oh, the drip. It must be as distracting as the imaginary beating under the floor in A Tell-Tale Heart.

Gary said...

I sat beneath my bathroom light,
A drip fell on me in the night.

Then as I wiped it from my brow ,
I knew how Jocelyn feels right now.

10 seconds pass, another drip.
I'll make some coffee and take a sip.

Then if I watch and do the math,
In two more weeks I can take a bath!

I never was good at poetry......

Sir Paul McCartney said...

'I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering....'

Jocelyn said...

wow- you guys just gave alot more meaning to my drip! I'll have to ponder this some more...

I totally forgot about that paul mccartney lyric. And Gary- at least you can rhyme!

derek said...

leaks can be so tricky, since they can travel along a pipe for a long distance before dripping. Good luck with the leak...

Anonymous said...

(Read to the tune of "I Knew an Old Lady who swallowed a fly)

We have an old drip, originating from a chimney that needs to be fixed, and when it rains, there's a slow drip into a bucket, which sits in our still-as-yet-to-be completed master bedroom closet, and it drips...drips...drips!