Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Assume the position

And just what is the position, you might ask? And what exactly does it entail? Why I can only be referring to the worship of the plumbing gods of course.

In this case, we had the typical holiday time clogged drain. It is my belief that if a sink or toilet isn't backing up during the holidays once in a while, something is terribly wrong.

Last year, you may recall it was the upstairs toilet.

I have a little organizational tip that helps us in times like this. We three hole punch all our warranties and appliance manuals and put them in large binders. Then, when we need them, we know exactly where they are. In this case, we needed to look at the faucet specs to recall how to disassemble it and clear the drain. The 2nd floor has it's own binder too.

And the cause of the clog? Long brown hair. In our house, I am the cause of all clogged drains.

It's working like a charm now though.

At certain times I like to look back to the exact date the previous year or years and see what was going on at the time.

I happened to do so this morning and last year's post on January 2nd made me laugh. And it relates to plumbing too. Ah, the memories...


Tad said...

Is Steve exclusively using computer software to design his pieces or can he draft and sketch conventionally as well?

If there are conventionally drafted designs: would you blog some?


Does his experience as a wood worker, or furniture craftsperson allow for a more efficient concept and execution of his work?

As for the book on Gary Knox Bennet with Danto's foreward-there's a copy at the DePaul school library.

Jocelyn said...

Steve always develops hand drawn sketches for large or complicated pieces. For example, a picture frame will not require a sketch, but a medicine cabinet would.

The purpose of the sketch is to try out stylistic variables. Once that is determined, he always makes a full size working drawing/blueprint on the computer. He uses the computer because he can more easily edit and create variations with precision.

At that point, he prints out a full size blueprint and review scale and proportion and determine if it is correct. If it is, then he uses it to create a material and cut list. Then he buys the wood and starts making the piece.

I don't have scans of his drawings readily available. BUT, the next piece he makes, I am going to try and follow along and post about it in detail. I know many people are interested.

As far as your question about his experience, he said that of course the more he does, the better he gets at it. Or did you mean does his experience as a wood worker aid in the work we do on our home? I wasn't sure what you meant exactly.

My plan is that when the work on our building winds down, I can continue to blog on Steve's wood working, since he plans to be doing that for a very long time.

Tad said...

I meant,specifically, how long term was his experience as a furniture craftsman or someone whom creates objets d'art in regards to what's manufactured on your previous posts.

Besides -does Steve work in one specific genre?

Currently having some unrestricted access to the 'net and a "newbie" to the sphere. I (hold the commentary-please) had an initial misperception that this forum was exclusive to homeowners and enthusiasts or hobbyists.

May I send an E-mail with further questions about your 2 flat experiences?

P.S. I look foward to your Reading entry. I had a vague idea that I was going to visit someone's family in England once.

Trissa said...

Too funny- I enjoyed reading the story about the tenants throwing out the plunger again. I'm glad it wasn't an awful plumbing experience!

Carole & Adam said...


I found your blog while googling Angie's List.
My husband and I are former north siders but purchased a house in the south suburbs.

We also have a home renovating blog :)
I hope you check it out!