Monday, January 01, 2007

A very special holiday this year

You may have wondered where we've been. The photo at left of Tower Bridge should clue you in.

Yes, we went to England for Christmas!!!

For a pair of old house enthusiasts and admirers of great architecture and history, visiting London was pure heaven. We lapped it up like honey. I'll be sure and post photos on Flickr and a link when I get them organized.

The main reason for the trip was to visit my 93 year old Grandmother, who lives in Reading.

This was truly a very special Christmas for my family. My Mom, sister Kimberley and her husband Sean as well as my nephew Ciaran all made the trip.

We stayed in Reading thru Boxing Day (day after x-mas) and then Steve and I headed to London.

This is the first trip I've taken where I did not miss our dogs. I am evidently pretty codependant on my dogs. They seem to encourage this though, don't you think?
(Photo taken while packing for trip)

If you read the blog the past year, I'm sure you can imagine how overdue we were for a vacation. I am happy to say that I did not think about my job or tenants the entire trip. And I did not log onto a computer for 10 whole days.

I am hoping to make the warm and fuzzy feeling from all the great experiences with family and the amazing history and culture of London last until Spring!

Lesson Learned: Vacations are an absolute good.

New Year's Resolution: We will have more of them.

Looking forward to a great 2008 in houseblogging and otherwise! Happy New Year to all!


merideth said...

ooh hooray for a fantastic vacation! we were in london last year over guy fawkes day and they'd already decorated harrod's for xmas..."snow" flying off the top of the building into the's my favorite place ever and i'm jealous of your christmas trip! happy holidays!

Greg said...

What a great trip. I can read the excitment in your post. What fun and Happy New Year!

Robin said...

Is it 2008 already? Man- 2007 flew by! :)

Gary said...

That is actually "Tower Bridge". London Bridge was bought by an American in 1968 and is now in Arizona. I should have sent you off to say hello to my mum in Warminster!

Emerld said...

AWESOME! I'm still waiting for that phone call. lol. Tell me all about it, since I went in Sept 06. I'll be computer less in Vegas May 07. Can't wait. And hopefully Sept 07 with DH and the kids in Kentucky.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, I'm so jealous! Was London terribly cold? I have always wanted to go, and Teague's slow season is winter so that's when we tend to vacation - great for Florida, not so great if you want to go elsewhere.

I'm so glad you guys got a nice, restorative break from your house. Like you said, vacations are GOOD and should be taken frequently, especially when you're working so hard all year! And I bet it felt really good to come home. ;)

Jocelyn said...

Mindy- The weather was pretty mild and we actually had SUN a few days, which shocked me. Last time I was in England at x-mas it was very dark all day long. This time was alot nicer and the temps were about mid-40's- comfy to walk around. We wore hats because it's damp. It rained only twice and not hard.

I will write a post about the trip because there was so much great architecture and it's worth sharing. I did some research this time before going and that made for a more fullfilling trip too.

And yes, it was nice to come home. When one gets so up close and personal with their home (like we HB-ers do), coming home is like returning to a dear old and very well-loved friend.