Friday, August 25, 2006

Wood Pile Back in Ancestral Home(Partially)

The first trim pieces have been installed in the 2nd floor as of last night!! We are extremely happy with the way they look.

Our marking system proved very helpful, although it was still quite alot of wood for Steve to sift through yesterday.

One thing that made it easier was that for doors the code always starts with a "D" and for windows a "W". It's the simplest things sometimes.

Highlights from last night:

I was VERY tired yesterday afternoon at work. I was feeling really exhausted.

I got home, saw one of these windows and immediately felt rejuvenated enough to sand some more wood.

Our contractor Miro said that "only one in a million" would take the time to label the wood the way we have. That made me feel special.

I told him only people as crazy as we are would do such a thing. He laughed.

Miro figured out a way to add nice window stops that adds even more (appropriate) detail to the trim.

I found the rest of the den boards for the first floor and will have them all ready for Saturday. We may just be able to open that room up soon.

Steve told me that our Miro was pointing out some window sills darkened with age. Steve told him that we liked the age and imperfections in the wood. Miro laughed.

I hope we can find tenants that appreciate a good patina. That would be ideal now wouldn't it?


Anonymous said...

What exactly was your organizing method for the trim? I know that you mentioned W & D, but what else? Did you tag each piece...I'd love it if you would give me some tips. Or if there is an earlier blog entry that describes your process, just point the way! Thanks!


Jocelyn said...

Organizing the trim? I could write a pamphlet on that!

We used a Dremel and carved our marks on the back of every single piece. see this post for that info:

This post showed a bit more too on the method to the labeling: (We made a chart and numbering system)

Best of luck. Please keep in mind we have spent an entire summer working on this wood from removing to labeling, to transporting to the stripper, to repairing cracked boards, to sanding, to staining etc...

I just have to say this is not for everyone and I won't be doing this again. Room by Room is much easier than this.

That said, if you're up for it- more power to ya!

merideth said...

i feel like every time i comment i say either "wow" or "beautiful."
Well here it comes againg: WOW! beautiful! If i lived in chicago i'd be running right over to rent this place.

Jocelyn said...


If you send me an email, I will send you a PDF of our chart.

Meredith- Thanks alot! I always like hearing compliments. I adore your house and yard and always admire your work too :)

Anonymous said...

wow, what a saga. it looks beautiful and it truly is something to be proud of.

amanda said...

Truly beautiful! The extra time that you spent to do this yourself has paid off a thousandfold!