Sunday, July 09, 2006

The return of the wood pile

You may remember our friend wood pile's harrowing earlier days freshly ripped from it's ancestral home. Then our poor wretched friend had it's insides removed(nails),was branded(labeled) and left in the dark garage for a week all alone.

You thought things couldn't get worse for our dear friend I bet. Well, you were mistaken. Poor innocent wood pile, who had never left the confines of home, has spent the past 2 weeks with a male stripper being violated. It's a sordid tale, filled with chemicals and lead paint residue. We are hoping that wood pile will forget this torture, forgive us, and live happily in the 2nd floor again. We can only hope.

You might wonder why there is a photo of an adult book store posted on my blog. Well, it's because wood pile underwent its transformation 2 doors away. We found it quite funny that our so-called stripper guy operates pretty much next door to an adult bookstore. It's must be that wood-stripper sense of humour of mine that is so amused by this.

But I'm sure what you really want to see is what wood pile looks like now, right?

Please no cat-calls. Wood pile is feeling a bit vulnerable and exposed right now.

Footnote: This is only about 1/3 of the wood-the rest will be ready next week. It is a BIG relief that it turned out OK to us.

Bonus question: If you search yahoo for "woman stripping" guess whose blog shows up in the number one spot?


Greg said...

Wow! What ever you paid to have your wood Violated like that, it was worth it.

(It wouldn't be summertime for housebloggers without sexual innuendos about paint stripping)

Greg said...

You're number 1!
You're number 1!
You're number 1!
You're number 1!

(Bonus Bonus Question: Who's number one with the Yahoo Search on "Stripping Pictures")

Bonk at Home said...

Oooooh! I'm all tingly! Oh, that's just the fumes.

K said...

oooh, pretty! I need to find a male stripper.

StuccoHouse said...

I also find humor in little things like that :-)

The trim look spectacular!

Geraldine said...

i recognize that book store because we're at armitage and central park. isn't this corner armitage and pulaski? i just said to my husband, "look! it's our neighborhood"


Jocelyn said...

Gerri- that sounds right- I thought it was a pretty funny location.