Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Framing 95% completed

I realize framing doesn't look so glamourous in photos, but it represents the bones of the apartment, and it's nice to be at this point. At left is the new front closet with pocket door hardware installed.

The view from the dining room to the living room. We sacrificed a bit of space in the DR to make a larger bedroom.

Here's the larger bedroom as seen from the dining room. The missing floor boards show the original wall location.

A view of the kitchen with the new raised window to accomodate an L countertop.

The bathroom has a jumbo-sized shower nook.

The 2nd bedroom has a larger closet by taking up a bit of the pantry.

The pantry is still plenty big enough.

This week the electrician is supposed to come and work his magic and the heating guy is supposed to run the radiator pipes for the new location of the radiator in the main bedroom.

The roof is still pending too. But the good news is we are almost done buying everything as far as fixtures and finishes. We are in good shape.

I think next weekend I will start stripping the door hardware and plynth blocks and other small pieces of trim. We decided to handle those ourselves. What is a summer anyway, without some stripping? It just wouldn't be summer without it... ;o)

And happy Fourth of July to everyone!


Greg Emel said...

Very nice! I think the framing stage is the most exciting. It's the first chance to see your new floor plans in "first person". Great stuff.

merideth said...

it makes me so happy and it's not even my house!

Aaron said...

Nice photos--they show you'll have some nice light in a few of those rooms.

I agree with Greg--the framing stage is really satisifying.