Monday, July 24, 2006

The electricians are here!

The day has finally arrived and the wheels of the project are going to start turning rapidly again. The electricians have said they will finish in 3 days, so we'll see. After that, our guys will be back to insulate and drywall and they say that will take about a week and a half.

This means that Steve and I have 2 weeks to fill, sand, and stain 1900 feet of trim so that the trim is ready and our guys don't have to wait on us to finish it. This means we will have to start working weeknight evenings until this is done. I will probably have to take a day or two off work also. There go my vacation days.

I do have to say though, that yesterday sitting in the garage with a nice breeze blowing through, filling board after board, soaking up some vitamin D but not frying in the sun, chatting with my neighbors when they passed by, I had an idyllic home improvement day. I really do find restoring old wood very satisfying...(yes, I'm serious)

Except for the fact that I whacked my head really hard on some boards right when I started working and then momentarily blamed Steve because he was right there and didn't prevent it from happening. Once I got past that, everything was peaches and cream. ;o)

more later- must go to day job now!

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Yeah! Jocelyn!


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