Friday, July 21, 2006

Are you a houseblogger waiting to happen?

Today's Chicago Tribune ran a flattering story on house blogging and bloggers. I hope this brings more local Chicago people and others to blog about their projects. If anyone is here as a result of the story, welcome!

It got me thinking about what makes a houseblogger. I am sure many of us have some ideas about this. Here are some impromtu questions to help you determine whether you are destined to become a houseblog member. Of course this is only my list and is not meant to be comprehensive or authoritative!

Determining your house-blogger tendencies:

1. Do you take pictures of your projects or home before, after, or during construction?
(bonus points if you put them in a photo album or scrapbook)
2. Do you long to commisserate with others in the same pain (of home remodeling projects)?
3. Do you gaze longingly at decrepit older homes and wish you only had the time and/or means?
4. Do you regularly shop at Home Depot, Loews, etc...?
5. Do you find it gratifying to get really dirty while working?
6. Does the idea of stripping layers of paint off beautiful old wood make you practically hop out of bed on a Saturday morning? (yes, I am serious)
7. Do you watch HGTV more than 3 times/week?
8. Do you subscribe to more than 2 "home improvement" magazines? (This Old House, Handyman, Fine Homebuilding, etc...)
9. Do you have family and friends out of town you want to share your house-progress with?
10. Are you looking for a community that can offer you tips and advice and support along the way?

If you answered yes to a few of these, well, the writing is on the wall...

...and if you want to start your own houseblog, click here.


Bonk at Home said...

Or do you want to live vicariously through other's home improvement adventures and ignore your projects at the same time.

Or you use other people house blogs to point out to your wife that her situation is not as bad as others and she should stop wining.

allison said...

I saw the article in the Tribune. Way to go. On the issue of taking pictures, yes, we do that, but when do you find time to put them in an album? Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know I had 2 husbands, lol! My question to all the home improvement people is, how long is too long? I moved into my husband's work in progress home almost 10 years ago, and aside from a few things, everything has stayed gutted, torn out, etc. In the meantime, we bought a 3-flat that now gets all of the attention! I've learned to live with things, and only have melt downs about 2 times per year, but friends and family always give me the pitying sad eyes when they come over, and try not to ask when it will all be finished.

Jocelyn said...

BaH- yes, there is always someone in a worse situation that's for sure.

Allison- I kept an album before the blog- I am way behind now on an album.

anon- we've been working on our place for about 6 years, but it's getting done. My advice is just don't have people over (kidding). I have to hand it to you dealing with a gut rehab that long- that is a test for anyone's spirit.

That's why we did one room at a time in our floor, so we'd have some normalcy and because each room takes a while!

Di said...

You forgot, "Are you a glutton for punishment?" :)