Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The work continues

Things have been at a bit of a standstill for our crew. The electrician we hired told us that his van had been hit and he'd be out of commission for "at least a week." After a week and a half, he came by yesterday with a few guys to look over the project once more before starting. He is going to have a whole crew of guys get the job done in 3 days starting Friday.

So Steve dug the trench for the electrical from the garage last night.

Current codes require this and it seems pretty sensible to us. Plus there's the bonus of having one less wire hanging over our yard.

We picked up the rebuilt window frames for the stained glass windows.

We had these rebuilt because they were rotted and now we are going to have the glass restored and put into the new frames.

Here is a shot of the window. There is a pair of them in each floor.

Steve is picking up the rest of the wood from our stripper on Friday. He has not finished the doors yet but will have them next week.

I'm trying not to freak out about the amount of wood we have to sand. It's not so much exhausting using an orbital sander, but it gets kind of monotonous after a few hours. And we have more than a few hours of sanding to do.

Steve is planning to work on the roof (parapet) in the morning Saturday before it gets hot and then spend the rest of the day sanding.

I promised to go to a friend's baby shower so I can only sand for a few hours Saturday and will do half a day on Sunday.

The fun just never stops I know!


Jennifer said...

You may want to consider running a conduit pipe next to the electric wire, in case you want to run a phone line or who knows what out to the garage in the future. I'll admit we haven't run anything in ours yet, but it's only been 2 years.

Aaron said...

Jennifer - Wow, that's a great idea.

Jocelyn said...

Steve may already have that in mind (he's pretty good about thinking of things like that) but I will definitely ask him. That is a very smart thing to do and thanks for bringing it up!

Bonk at Home said...

In my old detached garage I ran 2 Cat-5 and 2 QS-RG6-Coax out there too with my new underground power to the garage and it was well worth it.

Doesn't the line need to be run below the frost line?

Jocelyn said...

BaH: Our electrician, who is licensed etc... instructed us on how deep to dig the hole - I think about 12" deep.

The line will be in conduit too :)