Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ready for inspection! (and the arrival of the Pocket Door!)

The conduit is pretty much run throughout the 2nd floor and we are ready for the City to come and put their stamp of approval. They have two days to come and if they don't show, the work just continues sans inspection.

At left, you see we had to cut a hole in our kitchen wall for the pipes to run upstairs. They could not run outside the building because of the chimney that is there. And really, we like it better not having more pipes outside on our building anyway. But it's another little job for us to repair the wall.

The pocket door came today. It's a solid wood oak veneer two panel door and we got it from Designer Doors. We are happy with the quality and style. They have every style you can think of there.

Sorry for the blurry photo- it was a bit dark up there and the slow shutter speed makes it hard not to get a blur.

We got our pocket door hardware from Johnson Hardware. We bought their commercial grade hardware that's rated for a 300 pound door. Our door is about 71 pounds so we expect it to last a lifetime. Steve also bought three additional bumpers that go inside the wall because once the walls are up and your bumper wears out...well, you just have to cut the wall open. With three extra bumpers, it's highly unlikely that will ever happen.

I worked last night filling trim with wood filler and I was quite tired this morning!

Tomorrow the patio sliding door (with a French door style) is arriving. We had to go with sliding doors to save space. This is why we did a pocket door on the front closet as well.


M said...

Thanks for the details on the electrical! For some reason I am interested in that stuff - like that they had to cut a hole in the wall rather than pushing it up from the basement or something like that. Did you ever have to upgrade your electrical service?

Jocelyn said...

Hey M-hope you're having a good summer. We did have to upgrade the electrical service, but they have not done that part yet. We're having 3 panels put in and 3 new meters and a new line to the pole. 200amp service I am pretty sure.