Saturday, July 22, 2006

Son of a "saw"

Yesterday, Steve rented a 14" gas powered cut off saw to cut out a part of our concrete patio for running the underground conduit.

Sometimes tools can turn into real instruments of torture. Imagine pulling on a lawnmower cord for 45 minutes trying to get it to start up. Well, this is what Steve went through yesterday afternoon.

His hands got a bit tattered as did his morale, but he finished the job.

He did this so that we would be ready for our electrician, who was to come today and begin the job. Well, this didn't happen because of some emergency he had to attend to. We're hoping Monday.

So, we worked some more on the wood trim and sanding, glueing cracked boards, and filling gaps with wood filler. Steve worked on making a stronger "shelf" on the drying rack to hold all the wood. I had to leave for a baby shower at 1:30pm so I guiltily only put in half a day.

The first coat of paint went on in the 1st floor den. I like it. Steve thinks it's a little too bright, but I think it will be fine with the 2nd coat.

That's it for now...


ben said...

nice paint job. it probably will darken a bit with a second coat, some furniture and curtains.

Cerberus said...

45 minutes? I feel your pain....I use one of those demolition saws at work and not just for concrete.

From the photo it looks like a partner saw....not a bad brand IMO. Id tell you how to start it in less then a minute but it looks like you used it already.

Nice little trench though :)

Lick your wounds and be proud!